Seaside Poetry



An Artist’s Heart


Momentary masterpiece

by the sea

displayed on gallery of sand –


formed uniquely

with nature’s mixed medium

Soon washed away

with the incoming



I capture today’s creation

in a frame


never to be


an intricate work of art

What joy!

 God’s portfolio can never be


for He has an Artist’s




I’ve always been fascinated by the various types and colors of seaweed I find at the beach.



Seaside Elfje



so soft

flutter in breeze

sail over salty sea




We were born and raised in a semi-arid climate hours away from the sea. When Ian and I moved to the coast – there was no turning back for us…



Rescued Haiku


Safely brought ashore

I’ve been rescued from the deep

My faith is not shallow



I’ve turned one of my quotes into a haiku.  Have you tried to write a haiku?  It’s fun!  And you can say a lot with just a few words.


I’d like to invite anyone interested in a Bible devotional blog to join me at my other site (once a week):

Blessings from the Sea ~ Wendy


49 thoughts on “Seaside Poetry

  1. Truly, “God’s portfolio can never be depleted.” Nor will it ever be exhausted. What beauty there is everywhere! One of the blogs I follow just did a post on “dragonflies [the world’s top 10 of anything and everything]. Beautiful creatures, also. I LOVE your use of Proverbs 25:11!!
    Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and poetry. I just love the sea.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! The sea offers us so much each time we visit it. One of my favorite trips to the beach was with a friend who had never been to the ocean before, and he was wide-eyed at array of sea-life.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  2. I’ve always felt a very strong connection to the water, and was fortunate to live lakeside for most of my life…moved almost three years ago now and I miss it more each day! love your photos and words Wendy so calming for me…

    1. Heather, I can certainly understand why you would miss living on the water… My favorite holiday memories, as a child, were our times at the lake.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  3. “God has an Artist’s heart”….and He gives mortal eyes the spiritual gift of faith to see all of His creations. God-blessed writing–thank you for sharing!

    1. Bill, I’m honored by your words! I greatly admire and respect how your writing encourages all of us to keep a “proper perspective.”

      Blessings to you & your lovely family ~ Wendy 🙂

  4. Your pictures today, that included some great details of grains of sand, reminded me of the intricacy of God’s creation–and how well He knows each of us! Your posts inspire me to: praise God, truly enjoy the beauty around me, and write poetry! My very scientific-minded husband wrote me a poem to begin to express his interest in “courting” me, and I still remember how he wrote of the way we can see the work of God’s artist heart in the world around us. I also remember reading in disbelief that his words of love could possibly be directed towards me. And to think, God loves us infinitely more than any person could! Thank you for your poetry, that always gets me to stop and give thanks to our Father!

    Have a lovely weekend. Our son came home sick from school and my husband is feeling mentally weary–I pray we can each bring our burdens daily to Jesus and be ready to live for him in everything! Blessings–Alison

    1. Alison, I hope that this proves to be a restful and healing weekend for your family. We have four teen guys playing electric guitars and a set of drums in our basement right now. They sound great! Our den is on the third level – so it’s quiet up here.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  5. I meant to say, too, how much I liked the Rescued haiku…in addition to giving thanks for those around me (and myself) who have been rescued, I pray for some who are dear to me who are still in a pit and don’t yet realize their plight or from Whom to get help!

  6. Your post embodies two aspects which are close to me heart.

    First, that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and for true appreciation of such beauty one needs to be a dancer in the moment. Your photos show that.

    Second, there is something deep down inside us that attracts us to water. Is it some kind of primordial affinity?


    1. I agree, Shakti, that there is something that draws us to ocean and lake beaches. Our first months of life were spent suspended in a womb of water, and perhaps part of us remembers the wonderful feeling of weightlessness before we were encumbered with the weight of the world?

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  7. You clearly have the eye of an artist/poet, finding beauty in all the delicate details of nature. So many people don’t have the gift or the time to notice. I’ve lived both at the ocean and in the desert. Their beauty overwhelms me–both places with their unique offerings.

    1. Victoria, I see from your writing that you, too, are “finding beauty in all the delicate details of nature.” I appreciate such kind words from a kindred spirit. Thank you!

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  8. While I would love to be closer to the shore, at least I have a piece of creek! I remember visiting the Florida coast after a storm and finding little bits of coral. I found one piece that is purple.

    The photo of the red seaweed – looks like an animated dragon!
    Thanks for your visits.

    1. You are right, Jules, it does! Have you seen “The Hobbit?” Our family is crazy for Tolkien (and Peter Jackson’s portrayal of his works…)!

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  9. Delicious! (apple) Your poems & writing, I mean. I’m glad to have discovered you (thank you for visiting me). and will return often. Really have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Thank you, Wendy.

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