Seaside Medley



Gifts from the Sea


The tide is out

The beach revealed

I love to comb the sand

in search of shells

who’ve only known

their Creator’s hand



Each treasure here

has washed ashore

from travels far and wide

Positioned now

as gifts to us

unwrapped by moon and tide.

Wendy ❀ 2013




Leisure’s Call


Featherlight and fancy free

A stroll at the beach

for you and me

We’ve set aside

our cares for the day

while answering leisure’s

call to play.

Wendy ❀ 2013




Far and Wide


If I were to heap up

every grain of sand

from all the shores that be

You would be the sum of them

leaving only one

that’s me


Why does a God so vast and wise

bother with mere men

when we have spurned

your perfect love

over and over again?




Ian and I love how it feels when we visit the beach;

it’s like being on vacation.

Do you have a place, in nature, that refreshes you?

Seaside Blessings ~ Wendy

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

~ ❀ ~

61 thoughts on “Seaside Medley

    1. Thank you, Laura! I liked it the best too. It caught my attention because of the white behind the seaweed… so I took a picture without touching it at all.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

    1. Hi Paulama! My wee dog is cuddled up against me as I type. He stretches out until I’m squeezed into the corner of the sofa. We always want the same corner! I hope you can visit them often…

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

  1. Hello Wendy,
    I love these poems and images, as ever. You have a great eye, and calm vision which comes through all your work. Good fortune with the additional blog, you’re going to be doing.
    We really get inspired here, by the landscape, light, sounds and natural world, but also by the coast nearby with the wonderful Pembrokeshire coastal path – sadly we don’t often make time to get over there, and enjoy it!
    Best wishes

    1. Thank you, Julian, for your visit and kind words. I hope you and Fiona are able to make a visit to the beach soon – although you live in such a beautiful spot already! Enjoy spring!

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

    1. Jules, I have fun setting up a new blog! It would be fun to do this for a living. Choosing a theme and deciding what colors and pictures is decorating without the mess! 🙂 I confess that I have some dormant ones re: decorating, gardening, and my studio one… Shall I start a bloggers anonymous blog next? 😉

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

  2. I love the pictures and poems!!! And I share the feeling of being on holiday when on the beach, even though the closest beach is just ~30 min from here. 🙂 Perfect for long walks and clearing one’s head! (and taking pictures ;)) Good luck with your new blog my friend!

  3. Wonderful photos and poetry, Wendy! You know I love feathers, so that one is particularly lovely. I have already followed your new blog. Good for you. I am eager to read your posts.

    1. Thank you, Mary Ann, for your encouragement! I love photographing feathers just as I find them. We usually have several on our lawn because the birds hang out in our trees.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

  4. Thank you for sharing the seaside with us. I love that it blesses you and Ian so much. We have a favorite park that we go too, that feels like a vacation each time. God bless you . .off to see your other blog!

  5. love your poetry and refreshing words… I love to be in the woods early in the morning, with my pen, paper, and camera! … it’s amazing how God fills our longing souls when we ask… LOVE the idea of digging into the Word with you… Blessings, dear friend!

    1. Heidi, I am still thinking of those two lovely deer peering between the tree trunks in one of your pictures… You’ve just introduced me to the idea of taking my notebook out with me as I photograph – thank you!

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

  6. Wow! Beautiful words and photographs, Wendy. I found your site through Bill’s blog. I look forward to following more of your posts. May you continue to use your gift of creativity to glorify God!

    1. Thank you, Ian! By the sea is a perfect place for a poet to live. You are blessed. We rented a home, years ago, that was on stilts and had seawater beneath it during extra high tides. The windows would get salt spray on them and rattle during storms. We have fond memories of the old beach house.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂

  7. Wendy,
    What an awesome blog! I love your poetry and beautiful photos about the sea. I love the inspirational verses very much. Thanks for visting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a blessed day.

  8. thanks so much for visiting LightWriters ( Wonderful blog name and beautiful expressions and words of faith and life! God bless!

  9. I love your seaside poetry and beautiful photos. I love the coast too, it must be so inspirational and peaceful living by the sea. I’m at the seaside for a holiday and have written a number of my poems and taken photos for my blog. Blessings.

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