Camouflage of Colors



Camouflage of Colors


Mountain Ash leaves

on an autumn afternoon

are snippets of a sunset

followed by the moon


And painted as a still life

drawing memories that I love

of children climbing trees

in the giant limbs above


Hidden among bronzed branches

playing hide and seek

peering down through foliage

hoping for just a peek


As camouflage of colors

surrounds some like a cape

with leaves like feathers on a wing

helping them escape!



I remember playing hide and seek, outside, for hours!  Our Mountain Ash trees were so thick with leaves that no one could see you unless they stood under the tree and looked up…  In autumn, when the sun was setting, the trees appeared ablaze!

Ablaze Blessings ~ Wendy


31 thoughts on “Camouflage of Colors

  1. My eyes are eating up those delicious colours like a starved person! I haven’t seen a lot of colour for almost 2 months now. The thermometer decided to take a wicked drop last night so the world is crisp and white today!

    1. That sounds like magical sparkles, to me! It’s gray here right now… I’m almost finished raking up leaves – there’s a cost to having so many trees; but I enjoy the fresh air and exercise! Have a nice weekend, Melody!

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy

  2. My friends and I used to play hide and seek in the woods near each of our houses, too…many great memories of boulders, creeks, and acres and acres of trees, with colors like the ones you shared. I miss it, and regret a bit that my kids don’t have trees like that now–we have a few soaring palm trees and then two young leafy trees in the back (and who knows how many snakes lurking in the grass). Florida is idyllic to some, with the year-round warmth and sunshine, and I wouldn’t want to give up living so close to family, but I would love to see my kids playing in the woods and yard the way I did! Enjoy all those leaves for us!! Have a lovely afternoon! –Alison

    1. There is a down side to letting your children climb up trees… I sweat bullets if I see them way up high in our tall ones! I’ve breathed many prayers for their safety, over the years. Have a nice weekend, Alison!

      Blessings to you dear friend ~ Wendy

  3. Beautiful in word and picture, Wendy! I was a very obedient child – except for climbing trees, My love for finding the highest branch and peeking out through the leaves is a grand memory (even if the discipline that followed wasn’t) 😉

    1. I guess I got off pretty lucky on that subject, as my parents never minded our climbing escapades! Busy kids are happy kids! I’m glad you have fond tree climbing memories, anyways. 🙂

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. I’m so blessed by the poem and photos . . and glad that you have the same kind of trees now that you remember from your youth! God bless you as you watch your climbers and pray!

    1. Thank you, Paula! I hope you’re enjoying your visit to the country! We were just out in a field trying to photograph swans… I have yet to check my photos to see if they turned out.
      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy xo

  5. Wendy, I loved this rich montage of coloured leaves and beautiful words. It’s good to be back online again after my break and I’m pleased that you liked my new post.

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