White Washed


White Washed


White washed flowers bloom

beneath billows of white

splayed across blue tarpaulin of sky

Fair weather friends

you appear

only when conditions

are just right

and bearing no storms

of the heart

Pity not me

for I have One

who sticks closer

than a brother or friend

When mountains collide

or I’m dragged out to sea

He’ll be with me

to the bitter end.


My husband noticed an earthquake this week.  It was only noticeable from upstairs.  Then later my son noticed one while in the basement.  He said it made his heart pound.  So we are once again discussing how we should react to an earthquake… where to duck under etc.

Blessings ~ Wendy

“…Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10

23 thoughts on “White Washed

  1. Hi Wendy! *waving* hope you had a good rest today? Loved this post. Do most homes in America have basements? Getting a plan together sounds like a great idea. Earthquakes are tricky things. Night Wendy! It’s midnight and I best take myself to bed.

    1. Have a lovely sleep dear friend! I feel rested from mine. Basements are common in areas where the water table is low enough. They stay nice and cool in summer and easy to heat in winter.
      Blessings to you, Paula! ~ Wendy xo

  2. We were thinking about the same kinds of things today – I wrote on my gardening blog about finding the Rock (like a bear finds a den when the going gets tough). We sure don’t get earthquakes out here like you do, but we still need the safety of that One you write about!

    1. Melody, I just went and read your post about the “Bear Truth” and it is perfect! We seem to be on the same wavelength – today. 🙂
      Blessings to you dear friend ~ Wendy

    1. I’ve hoarded water and wool blankets over the years… Once we had an earthquake while I was reading a magazine article about them!! It was the biggest and loudest I have experienced yet. ( 22 years ago) Thank you, Calee, for your concern.
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Preparedness is wise…trusting in God is, too! I pray that the rumblings quiet down! When I first saw your title, with the word “white”, I remembered praying recently for cleansing grace in my heart…and knowing Jesus is the only one who can handle the quakes of my heart! Blessings to you tonight! –Alison

    1. You are so right about the Lord being the only One who can truly quiet down the “quakes of my heart”. Desiring to be washed white is good – to be white washed tombs is not! Thankfully He does the first kind! In our own efforts… we end up the second kind…
      Blessings to you dear friend ~ Wendy

  4. I loved the poem, the way you always show us Jesus, the one who is always with us! Also praying with you as He leads you how to prepare and what to do in case of earthquakes. God bless you, dear Wendy!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! It’s strange how we can so easily go into denial and not think about the future possibilities… At this moment I have three freshly washed out plastic milk jugs to fill with emergency water. I keep rotating old ones with fresh ones in various spots in the house and potting shed. Eventually they end up being used to water plants outside… I hope I only have to use them for that! 😉
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Hi dear heart–I LOVE the poem, just LOVE it; and I’m fretting now, that you and your family will be safe. I know, I know–silly of me to fret when you’re securely in Jesus’ warm strong hands–but that’s what Big Sisters do (multi-tasking: praying and fretting). God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo (PS–thank you again for your generous kindness to me recently!!! I won’t forget it.)

    1. I’m so happy to have you, Caddo, for a big sister! There may not be a big quake here for 100 more years. It is not an easy thing to predict. But I agree that we are in his hands… So don’t worry, dear sis! <3 Thank you for caring comment and encouragement. I'm here for you too! ( I loved your poem today- also!)
      Blessings to you sweet sis ~ Wendy xo

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