The Last Leaf


The Last Leaf




All others

have gone


You stand out


like a single shell

on a sandy



for you

never warmer

Your noble tenacity







And to argue


would make you

a fool!


Seasonal Blessings ~ Wendy

“To everything there is a season…”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

This lonely leaf is from one of our magnolia trees.  And, yes, it was the last leaf of this tree.  It fell that evening.

18 thoughts on “The Last Leaf

    1. Thank you! Having the sun shed light on the subject makes a whole lot of difference. I weeded around this little tree today, and I gave it some fresh mulch. My husband bought us two of them to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary four years ago…
      Blessings ~ Wendy

  1. Beautiful, Wendy! Somewhere in my fuzzy little brain, I’m thinking of a hit song. I think it was called “Last Leaf”, sung by a male heart throb in the early 60s, I’d guess. Anyhoo–God bless you! love, Caddo

    1. Oh, Melody, I bet you miss it with all that pretty white stuff covering it. I am enjoying your wintry posts. Just think of us islanders slopping around in galoshes… and your sparkling snow will rock! I had to ask my 12 year old how to spell galoshes. Ain’t I a good teacher? My students are smarter than me, now!
      Blessings ~ Wendy

      1. I have learned in my classroom that my students are often smarter than me… a truly humbling experience! 🙂

        I AM enjoying the snow, besides the need to warm up the car and start earlier because of icy roads. Lots of photo ops for my camera these days!

  2. I love how you capture these shots just in time .. .more evidence of God’s hand upon you and with you while you work! God bless you and thank you, Wendy! Just beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! My daughter often points things out for me to photograph. This little camera of mine really gets a workout! She led me around to all the newest mushrooms, a few days ago. We were both getting cold fingers, and so she insisted I come back inside. It was my first glimpse of the role reversal that is coming one day!! So sweet…
      Blessings ~ Wendy

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