Inner Gold


Inner Gold


An elaborate temple


for You

Furnished with gold

Golden altar

Golden bowls

Golden dishes

Even gold sockets

for the doors!

How is it that

You dwell

in me?

A shabby shack

to say the least!

I guess it means

when your Son


“It is finished!”

He’d redeemed


this shed.


I’ve been reading in 1 Kings 6-7, lately.  Several times I’ve read over the details of the temple that Solomon built, and I’ve  pondered and marveled over the power of Jesus blood to cleanse people enough that the Spirit may dwell in them.  Wow!  ” There’s Power in the Blood!”

Blessings ~ Wendy

13 thoughts on “Inner Gold

I enjoy a word in season, so I'd love it if you added an apple to the bowl.

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