Botanical Blues


Botanical Blues


My garden will


when flowers do


I tuck away




and spade

I pile all


They’ll turn into


That feeds new


that yield sweet


While all is


I bide idle


With thoughts of spring


and summer’s new


Not from a


does my merry joy


But in relived


under sweet summer’s


Memories of vivid


in all imaginable


It’s a great way

to ward off

winter’s botanical



Hues of blue, in the garden, are a favorite of mine.  Don’t be surprised to see more blues posted here…  Do you think blue is a favorite color of our Creator? After all, He created great expanses of it on earth!

Botanical Blessings ~ Wendy

24 thoughts on “Botanical Blues

  1. These flowers are gorgeous, Wendy. Such a pretty colour blue, one of my favourites. I think the Creator may well be especially fond of this colour, as He is especially fond of all the colours of the rainbow. Bless you.

  2. We, too, like blue. I appreciate your words because just yesterday the tools got put away with their winter coating of oil, and since it is way too muddy to till the garden that will have to wait for spring. Oh, I got the snow shovels out as well!

    1. My husband and one of our sons was helping me empty out a leaf mold bin, yesterday, so I could add this years leaves to it. After lunch I need to harvest more leaves for the bin… before a snowfall hides them all! Thanks for the snow shovel reminder. We don’t get much – but it is good to be ready!

  3. Gorgeous shades of blue! Maybe I’ll share some Gulf of Mexico blues sometime. Our living room and bedroom share main colors of blue and chocolate brown and sandy brown…I could put those colors in every room and love it! I’m glad I got this peek into your garden again while A. is dozing off for her nap! Now for some sweet time with my boy while dear husband is getting a screw taken out of a car tire! Have a lovely Saturday! –Alison

    1. I would LOVE to see some Gulf of Mexico blues… bring them on when you are able. Decorating with blue is one of my favorites, too. Green is the main color on two floors and blue and gold dominate the third level. Enjoy your weekend, too, Alison! I need to go bath my little dog now…
      Blessings ~ Wendy

      1. OK, I posted the three best pictures I had of the Gulf and beach. I don’t have many without family members in them…

        I also included a link back to your blog, since your “blues” inspired me and I think many who check out my blog would enjoy yours, too. I hope that’s all right with you.

    1. I imagine you see more blue skies, where you live, this time of year than the gray ones we tend to have. It is glorious out today, and now that the dog is bathed I can head out to collect fallen leaves for mulch etc.
      Blessings ~ Wendy

      1. We do – so much so that this stretch of gray has been a bit disconcerting! But the gray is to be taken with grace along with the blue, so on we write…

  4. Such a wonderful idea for a winter poem, Wendy, and such beautiful blue flowers! 🙂 Makes me forget for a little while, that it’s cold outside. 🙂 And what fun to wonder if blue is His favorite color!! 🙂 God bless you and thanks!

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