Walking With You

Out walking with You

Side by side

Hand in hand

My daily duties

set aside

Facing the road

as one

Come what may

Until this journey

is done

One day at a time.


Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – May those experiencing a storm feel the warmth and strength of God’s hand pulling you through to safety.

13 thoughts on “Walking With You

  1. “Facing the road as one” is so comforting, Wendy, and the photos are perfect! Thank you and God bless you, Wendy. I pray that this encouraged those going through the storm!

  2. In some of my husband’s hardest and darkest days of residency a few years ago, one of my main prayers for him was for him to feel God near him, to know he wasn’t alone in anything, that God’s love was always surrounding him. It was tough seeing V. struggling; it was definitely a “stormy” season of life, but I learned so much about God’s jealousy for each of us, for His provision, and for His never-ending efforts to look for sheep that have strayed, and to lovingly bring them back to safety. It is an interesting concept to teach to young children–that God is always with us, in everything. I am enjoying seeing my little ones understanding that more and more!

    1. Residency seems to be universally grueling… My girlfriend told me that she would sing “You are my hiding place” while on night shift. When I am afraid, I sing it too! Children learn mostly by example – so keep it up – you are leading them down a good path.

      Blessings ~ Wendy

      1. Thank you. I long to keep leading them on that good path, and I equally long for them to taste and see that goodness for themselves. L., almost out of the blue the other day, said he would like to be baptized–he was dedicated as an infant, but he had the idea of wanting to make a public profession of faith. I also love when he tries to explain salvation and following Jesus to his little sister.

    1. The learning and refinement happens in the trial. I sure don’t enjoy it; but this is where the Serenity Prayer can really help! Life is hard… but I am blessed to go through it with Jesus and you.

      Blessings from your other half. 😉

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