Bee-Dazzling Buzz!

Do you enjoy collecting anything?

Perhaps you like to collect quotes, buttons, or books?

I collect all of the above.

And, of course, I try to collect my own bee pictures.

By having an organic garden – I am making our place bee friendly.

They love our Japanese Anemones!

Most of the pictures I take are spontaneous shots.

Usually I’ve just popped outside to check the mail or pick a tomato from the greenhouse and then…

When I see some be dazzling buzzing bees – I go back in the house to get my little digital camera.

Insects are such amazingly designed little creatures.

I love the details of their tiny bodies.

When each of our three children were at 8 weeks gestation; they would have been about the size of a bee.

After 12 years of hoping we’d be parents – we got to see our firstborn via ultrasound when he was only 8 weeks from conception.

It was a magical moment.  His tiny arms and legs were clearly visible and waving.

Safely he grew into a 9 lb newborn.

I loved him from the moment that I knew he existed.

Often I think of the unborn when I am observing small creatures in nature.

I choose life in my garden and when my doctor asked me if I wanted prenatal testing, I told her it would be a waste of resources as I was going to choose life regardless.

I am not afraid of special needs people.  My older sister has Downs Syndrome and I love her.  She has gone to heaven ahead of me, thanks to H1N1 – but we’ll meet again.

I hadn’t planned to blog about this part of the “birds and the bees” today. It’s just that this is what I think about when I feel compassion for tiny wildlife – I think about tiny humans who are striving to survive.

I think about how there was a long wait list when we tried to adopt.  I think about how we were accepted by a birth mom to adopt her child and she changed her mind just before the birth and after we had everything set up for “our” baby.

I have no regrets.

Every child is a wanted child.  There is a lineup for them.

So the next time you see a bumblebee – think of the vulnerable unborn. I do.

Bee Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – The young mother who chose us to adopt her unborn child had been encouraged to abort her baby by her own mother.  Once the grandmother realized that her daughter was giving up her baby for adoption instead; she argued that her daughter could not give away her grandchild.  I guess she realized that every child is wanted by somebody… It is an honor to have helped this child (Elizabeth) to have a chance at life!  She is in her twenties now.

18 thoughts on “Bee-Dazzling Buzz!

  1. This post prompted a lot of things to think about. I was fascinated with the bees and the lovely flowers, and my mind was brought to many thought-provoking subjects, like a bee flying from flower to flower. Thank you so much. Blessings, Dee

  2. I remember the confusion as I had to explain over and over that I didn’t want that testing either, Wendy. It felt like soon there would not be a choice to not go through it. I loved the bee photos, and now thanks to you, I will pray for the tiny unborn each time I see one. God bless you and yours!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. My doctor was pregnant with her first child too, as an older mom also, so she didn’t push it… as she seemed to feel the same way I did. We both ended up with three children. Then we both shared about how some people acted so surprised that we would have a third!

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. I had a miscarriage when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd baby (a boy). The Doctor, who eventually had to do a DNC to stop the hemorrhaging, kept telling me I should be happy because that was God’s way of taking care of His mistakes.
    Of course, it wasn’t and I wasn’t.
    I loved him “from the first moment I knew about him” and my heart was broken.
    I was also an Adoption Specialist for about a year and a half. I placed 13 babies, who are now all grown up. Even on the professional end, it’s a heart wrenching job.
    Beautiful as always, Wendy.

    1. Thank you for sharing about your son. I am so sorry that you did not get to know him long here. My miscarriages happened before I even knew I was pregnant because my cycle used to be so irregular; and yet I did experience some grief. My heart goes out to you and others that have lost a baby you had already bonded with. I have told our kids that there are siblings in heaven already.

      Blessings ~ Wendy

  4. Oh my goodness Wendy I just got all choked up reading this wow. Praise God for you I’ve been thoroughly blessed by your blog…thank you!!! When my daughter was a big as a bee her father asked my to have an abortion but that wasn’t happening ever!!! Although before I got saved, I had 3 abortions, I now realize how horrible that was, and I know I will see those babies again in glory some day and I can’t wait sometimes!!!

    1. I had a really neat dream once about my miscarried babies. In the dream they were young adults dressed in white Victorian style clothing each leading a white horse up a mountain path. It was such a beautiful and peaceful dream. It may or may not have been a dream from the Lord – but I loved it.

      I am so glad that you know the Lord and have his healing and peace. And congratulations on raising such a beautiful daughter who also walks with God!

      Blessings ~ Wendy

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