Prayer Polish

Recently, I wore a silver chain that I had not removed from it’s black velvet bag for several years.  My mother had sent me some buttons with some odds and ends in with them.  One of the odds was a lovely mother of pearl pendant set in a silver frame that matched the chain perfectly. The glossy blue hue of the shell looked purposely matched to my dress.

A few days later I found the necklace forgotten on my dressing table.  It had tarnished spots on the chain except where the chain had overlapped on itself. “That did not take long”, I thought to myself.

Silver needs to be protected from the elements and therefore must be kept tucked safely away when not in use. How very much like us.  We too need a protective coating before we face the elements of each day.  If we are not wearing our armor then we are sitting ducks for much (and fast) tarnishing of our character.

I believe that the best protection is prayer.  We are told to pray without ceasing and to persist in it.  If what I believe is true; then there is an enemy who waits for a gap in our armor in which to aim a dart.  I don’t want to be, in anyway, preoccupied with my opposition’s schemes; but, let’s not be negligent.  If you are a follower of Jesus then you are engaged in a battle.  We wrestle, of course, spiritually and not physically. To pray is to pick up your spiritual weapons and use them.This talking about prayer is simply pointing to the gun over the mantle.

I suggest a regular time be set aside, for prayer.  You might pick a time that is easy to be consistent.  A time when others will not be likely to interrupt and when you are not easily prone to falling asleep (been there).  There are of course those spontaneous times of prayer that can occur in the midst of other activities. Sometimes I break out in thanksgiving, or praise or supplication when life throws an unexpected gift or curve ball.

The kind of tarnish I most dislike in myself is when I react poorly during what I call a stress test; such as when you have plans to do one thing and someone wants you to do something else.  I am way more likely to behave with grace if my heart has been polished with prayer that day.  It does not necessarily mean  that I’ll drop everything and go or do what is bid.  What it means, is that I will think about it and in my heart I’ll ask if this is the Lord’s will.  If it is, then the grace will be there to fulfill it and joy will be a by-product!

So, keep your armor on and polish it with the sweat of prayer.  Let’s not be the forgotten silver pendant necklace left to tarnish on the sidelines of life.  Engage in the battle and shine on sisters and brothers!

If you haven’t put on the armor through trusting in Jesus; you might want to consider doing so.  No need to wait until you’ve got your life ready.  He accepts us as we are and once you’re in boot camp, you’ll never want to turn back.

Shining for Jesus,


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