Cast Your Cares: Words to Encourage You in Your Walk With God

Engaging in nature photography ministers to my spirit. Observing creation calms me because it reminds me to focus on our Creator.

Composing poetry blesses my heart too. God knows about my tendency not to sit still long enough to hear from Him. Poetry has always been the perfect place for me to bring my inner self before the throne room of God, where I linger long enough to experience His touch.

When God encourages me, I long to encourage others. Nothing is more rewarding than inspiring others to seek, love, and enjoy the Lord.

We need His sustaining power every moment of every day.

I hope today’s post blesses you.

Count your cares
As seeds of blessings
For the Lord will take each one
And tend them with providence
Under the reign of His Son.
~ wlm

Whenever I see the words: Cast your cares on the LORD, I think of how kind our Father is to each sparrow.

He cares for us too, dear friends. He won’t snub our sniffles.


Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you;

he will never let the righteous fall.

Psalm 55:22 NIV


I’m nosy-to-know of a nature moment that has recently reminded you of our Father’s love?

Blessings of kindness ~ Wendy Mac

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