Pause, Click, and Sprint!

You’ll soon understand what my oddball title is referring to. Something tells me, that if you are also a nature lover who blogs about your hikes, you already know! It is hard to sprint over these exposed roots! But, if I want to take pictures of quirky things that I find on our hike; I’ll need to sprint, in order to catch up with everyone else. This bug-eyed critter set me back a few paces… This fungus was growing on a log, that we had to duck under, on the obstacle course… This is my idea of a hiking trail – just an occasional bump. I asked my husband to pose (hand only), so I could show just how BIG some of the trees are. Being a man after mine own heart, he kindly pointed out these fungi for me to capture on my camera. When I asked him if he would bring this rock home for my garden, he said: “Sure!” Maybe I will plant ferns around it? Or maybe we could make a waterfall feature? There’s no harm in dreaming. This one is not too big. I like this double one! This one would not fit into our garden. We can take pictures of it anyways.   To see my husband’s waterfall pictures – check out his blog  I was too frightened to cross over to his side. I guess you could say that I was stumped! It was time for us to head back. We chose to take the water route for part of the return trip. It sure beat climbing down the steep incline we had navigated! Soon we were back on the obstacle course ~ I mean trail!

Blessings ~ Wendy