Thanksgiving for the Healers


Thanksgiving for the Healers



not a magician

But just a human

administering care

Gentle bedside manner

a must

Patience needed

for patients everywhere

Movie stars

Rock stars

Raved about


While truly tangible heroes

go unsung

working tirelessly


their just dues!


Healing Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – I wrote this after a doctor’s appointment I’d taken my son to, yesterday. My son commented that physicians don’t get the recognition they deserve; yet, professional athletes and rock stars etc. get so much more.  He thought that it was unbalanced.  A close friend of mine is a doctor because she loves to help people.  She is not rich either.

Right after my son’s appointment with his doctor, my doctor came into the room and we smiled at one another.  She was off shift doing her paperwork and commented I had not been in for a while.  So she grabbed my chart and discovered that it had been four years… Yikes! She commented that I was a typical mom forgetting to keep up with my own checkups.  Next thing you know – I’m in her office getting a checkup! I love my doctor.  She is so kind.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American neighbors and friends!  And thank you to all you wonderful doctors, nurses, counselors, lab technologists, and first responders etc.  You are appreciated!