Wings of the Dawn


Wings of the Dawn


My spirit buoys

on wings of the dawn

Rising higher

as morning progresses

Dross of darkness

burned off in solar fire

Burdens dropped to depths below

I’m lifted up

renewed and reaching

heights of hope

Feather light with joy

and potential

You’ve given me

this sunrise

and another moment

in time to enjoy

I give You my day


to guide

my soaring heart

to seek your Light

as I go about

Your way.


If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

 Psalm 139:9-10

Ian and I took off to the beach on a chilly morning with our hot coffee and cameras.  Within 8 minutes we were there just in time to capture some special morning moments with just the two of us, the birds, and our Creator…

Sunrise Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – The first time that I remember reading Psalm 139:9 was when I was flying in a very small airplane that I had to board at dawn.  It was taking me to a small remote island on the northern coast of BC.  Ian had started a position as the hospital  business manager and computer systems person and had gone up 10 days prior, while I packed up our stuff and rented out our home.  It was the first time I had left my hometown of semi-arid  Kamloops.  It truly felt like I was heading to the outermost parts of the sea… When I pondered the words of these verses… peace and joy flooded into my soul.  And, yes, He was with us those two adventurous years that we spent there.