A Call to Prayer


* This post is about abortion.*   If you have unresolved post-abortion trauma, you may want to skip this page.


A Call to Prayer




another little one perishes

not wanted by her mother


silent screams go unheard



Oh innocent ones who slumber

I want you to know


holds you in His heart



as warriors rise in unison

giving the unborn a voice


that your cries have been heard



a battle cry is made

A war fought on bended knees


while wombs remain

for now…

a free firing zone.


Sadly, humans tend to go to extremes.  I do not believe in keeping a woman whose life is in grave danger from access to a safe abortion; however, nor do I readily condone abortions or partial-birth abortions to be done for other reasons.  We must not abandon the rights of the unborn. Canada/North America has a plank in its eye when it points an accusatory finger at atrocities that have occurred elsewhere, while the blood drips from our own hands.  Millions of abortions have taken place since it was legalized: www.numbersofabortions.com .   Somehow I do not believe that they were all done in order to prevent the death of the mother or because the pregnancy was a result of rape (see statistics in above link).

There are atheists who are prolife too.  This is not a religious debate. It’s a debate over the rights of defenseless unborn human beings.  On youtube there is a 7 minute video titled: Atheists who oppose abortion.  It is awesome!  I respect the late Christopher Hitchens for his defense of the unborn.

Bernard Nathanson a former abortionist and now pro-life advocate speaks openly in easy to understand language about what a fetus undergoes in an actual abortion.  Here is a link to The Silent Scream on youtube.  Here you can see for yourself via ultrasound just what he is talking about.

“Jane Roe” from Roe v Wade gives us her real name in this link and she tells us that she is now pro-life.  I don’t know why but her gentle spirit and strong conviction about preserving life made me cry.  Bless her for her testimony.  I have never had an abortion, but since I had never been warned of its dangers I could easily have been in her shoes back in the 70’s.   Let us spread the truth seasoned heavily with grace.

Here is a link to a blogpost regarding partial birth abortion.  The following links are two previous abortion posts I have done. Bee-Dazzling Buzz! and Hands that Shed.

We’ll step over a slug on a walking trail – so should we not also speak up for a tiny human with eyes, limbs, and a heartbeat…?

My challenge for all those who believe in the power of prayer is that once a day you might say a short prayer for the protection of the unborn.  I don’t believe in violent or disrespectful protests; however, I do believe in a prayer answering Father!

And if you are able, you may want to donate to a pregnancy care center. Women with unplanned pregnancies need loving support in tangible ways. Women who have had abortions need our support and grace too.

Prayer Call Blessings ~ Wendy

PS –  This post is not intended to cause trauma or grief to those who have had an abortion.   It is a call to prayer.

The vintage lamb (pictured above) was given to my dad by his co-workers when I was born.  It had fresh flowers in it.  My next post will be back to my garden with some spring colors I’ve captured on camera.