Our Favorite Flower



Our Favorite Flower


Beautiful and prickly

like a rose that rambles as it grows

Yet – elusive and elegant

as an evening primrose

You bloomed in our garden

according to your own schedule

not ours

Your beauty not fading

like so many other flowers

We will miss you dainty one

each time we pass by

your favorite outdoor beds

The rhododendrons and ferns

will cool the earth for birds instead

We’ll miss the hum of your purr

and the feel of your fur

But you’ll bloom as our favorite flower

in our hearts forever.

Wendy/2013  ( for Mitty)

Ten years were too short for us to be with you, Mitty.  Part of me wishes we had kept you in the house all the time.  But you were not a tame soul. I’m so sorry that you tried to cross the road one last time… we’ll see you later on the other side. xo

Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – Mitty was hit about an hour after I put up my previous post.  The vet strongly advised that she be put to sleep.  We already had suspected that was the case and were prepared.  I’ve never lost a pet this way before and never want to again.  Our younger cat has been raised since birth to be indoors and will remain so…  I sensed the Lord’s grace and comfort through it all.  Mitty will be missed by each one of us.