I Want to Be Like You



I Want to Be Like You


When I grow up

I want to be like you

hugging my wife

and helping her

in the kitchen

when she’s blue

Joking after dinner

with my daughter

or son

and going to work

even when it hurts

and is no longer fun

I want to be like you

when my son

needs a good

wrestling match

and get down on the floor

or when my daughter

is battling peer pressure

so I say

a prayer for her

before she goes

out the door

You remind me

of Someone

that cares about his

daughters and sons

Did you

by any chance

tell Him

that you want to be

like Him



Some pictures beg to be a poem.  I thought this one did…

Blessings ~ Wendy

I was trying to get a closeup of the shells and also caught my husband and one of our sons in the photo!  Sometimes the accidental shots have the most to say…