God Alone is Good


God Alone is Good

Every once in a while I’m reminded of a special word God spoke to me in 1986. I won’t share it with you here because I’m hoping you’ll visit my guest blog on HopeStreamRadio.com where I’ve shared it (Those of you who’ve already heard the podcast may remember what it was.).

Those words God spoke to me back in 1986 still help me say yes to things I would otherwise have been too afraid to. One occasion was when I recently drove to visit a friend during a snowy week. My dear friend doesn’t know I’d already told God I would never drive out-of-town again during the winter. I’d had a scary incident happen to me a few years ago that nipped my December driving in the brakes. Yet, His still small voice nudged me to trust Him.

I’m glad I trusted (and drove to visit her). It was providential in so many ways… and I managed to miss the first snowstorm by about an hour, and I returned home just before the second snowfall—yes.

Plus I photographed some of my favorite pictures of the year.

Are you curious to find out what God whispered to me?

I’ll place the link at the end of this post.




When I remember good deeds

God has done for me

My heart overflows with joy

And helps me to believe.

Wendy / 2016

God is Good Blessings  ~ Wendy

What special quote or verse helps you be bold?

“No one is good–except God alone…”

Luke 18:19 NIV 

Here’s the link I mentioned: God Alone is Good