Gifts in My Garden: Birdwatching and Blessings from God


Gifts in My Garden: Birdwatching and Blessings from God

I’ve been blessed to receive many gifts in my garden from the Creator of Earth and Eden. Lately, for various reasons, I haven’t been able to get out in the woods as much as I’d like to, so having the wildlife show up outside my back door (or outside my writing room window) is a bonus.

When I read the following verse, I thought of all the gifts God has given me through nature, family, and friends; I don’t deserve them. But God is good, gracious, and generous. God is love.

I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness

you have shown your servant.

Genesis 32:10 (NIV)

The Downy Woodpecker is not an easy bird to get a clear shot of. I recorded a video to make sure I at least caught him in action. The ticking sound, you’ll hear, is from the lovely clock on my desk.




His Kindness

The kindness of the Lord

Is undeserved by anyone

But God’s love is gracious

Through the Spirit and His Son

And the mercy of the Lord

Has brought me to my knees

In adoration and praise

Of all He’s done for me.


Wendy / 2017



I hope you’ll also visit my other blog where I posted pictures of a Barred Owl who visited my garden. Here’s the link for those of you whooo haven’t seen it yet: Barred Owl

What blessings are you especially thankful for lately? I’m nosy-to-know.

Abundant Blessings ~ Wendy

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