Autumn’s Tide

So subtly you arrive

A hint of color

here and there

Your gentle autumn tide

The sun settles lower

for its afternoon nap

retiring early

rising slower

Storms gather

releasing torrents

of leaves and tears

creating a lather

of leaf piles

and years

Each fallen calendar page

twirling as leaf

to floor

adds to my age

One day

as ageless beauty

I will arrive

on eternal springtime’s



While writing this, sitting by the den window, we suddenly heard a very loud torrent of rain beat upon our awning.  The first storm had arrived!  My husband and son were in a snowfall, while hiking up in our local mountains, that day. That night we had our first frost.  I enter this time of year with more gray than last year and with more hope for eternal spring!

Autumn Tide Blessings ~ Wendy

Lizzie ( shared this awesome quote with me earlier this week:

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus

Fall is looking more fabulous!