Dragonfly Delight!

I have been teased by dragonflies this past summer.

Often they would zoom past me when I was carrying my afternoon tea to our cozy sitting spot.

My tea would get a bit cool, as I abandoned it to retrieve my camera from the kitchen counter.

But, when I got outside the dragonfly would be nowhere to be seen.

One even had the audacity to land on my hand while my camera rested in the house!

Then, the following day my shipload of dragonfly photo ops arrived!

One landed on my arm.  He flew away and then landed on my other arm.

This time I was armed and ready.  I had grown wiser and had my camera with my tea.

I followed him around.  Then he took off for the back garden.  I noticed some spiders and got distracted with them briefly.

Then I found my dragon in shining armor.  He led me all over the garden, stopping long enough at several spots for me to take shots of him.

My daughter came outside to find me crouched over a plant with the camera planted in my face.  “What are you doing?”, she asked.

I was delighting in dragonflies!

Delighted ~ Wendy

PS – Encore to follow: As these photos were taken after I had completed the draft of this post…