Let’s Wash our Hands #Prolife

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

I knelt on the damp grass and leaned my elbows on the ground, not caring if my coat and hiking pants got dirty. Photography is one of my passions. Writing is too. In this post I’m combining these two passions with a third one I have already written about before: #Prolife. I hadn’t planned on writing another blog post this week, but COVID-19 stirred up something in me I couldn’t suppress.


I’m grieved by the global hypocrisy hammering our eardrums.

While I photographed groups of daffodils, clusters of daisies, and bunches of other lovely spring flowers, indignation welled up inside me. You see, I’m watching young people around me struggle not to go crazy with boredom and concern while the world shuts down to protect the vulnerable—especially to protect the elderly.

I recently told one of my young sons not to stay home from his job for my sake. I told him I’ve lived for almost 6 decades and that’s plenty. But he got laid off from his job the next day because his boss is a considerate man who doesn’t want the blood of the elderly on his hands. My son believes it was the best thing to do too. I’m proud of both of them.

The young are being begged to consider the old. They’re shamed if they don’t.

The same young people who find it hard to find jobs that pay the same benefits the older generations have sopped up for years are being asked to stay home to protect the elderly (us). The same young people who struggle to grab affordable homes to rent—never mind buy—because the bulk of housing equity is held by their elders (us), are being asked to potentially lose their jobs in order to protect us.

While many elderly people cruised their way into and during retirement, the younger generations are wondering if they’ll ever taste retirement—never mind a cruise.

But I have a question for the older generations (myself included) who are now hoping the younger generations stay home and stay safe so that they (myself included) will be kept safe: Where were you when abortions were legalized?

Where Were We?

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

The Worldometer not only shows where COVID-19 is present, it shows how many have it, have died from it, and have beaten it. But while the world clicks on this site, there’s another site that is rolling out a humongous number of deaths daily, hourly, and by the second. The number of abortions happening on the globe is a far greater pandemic that COVID-19. (Globally, about 125,000 abortions are performed each day.)

So, while Greta Thunberg is wondering why the world didn’t take global warming as seriously as it is taking the COVID-19 crisis, I’m wondering where everyone is burying their heads while the unborn are being slaughtered.

I didn’t enjoy my time in the park taking these pictures because, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get the unborn off my mind. It was as though their voices cried from their graves and begged me to notice the hypocrisy all around me—and in me.

  • How come I haven’t written about abortion and #Prolife more often?
  • How come I’ve listened to the COVID-19 news reports daily, but I rarely read the #Prolife news?

Do We Deserve this Pandemic?

  • I’m wondering if perhaps every single one of us who is old enough to say or do something about the atrocious number of abortions happening across our globe deserves this crisis.
  • Maybe we’ve earned every single second of fear washing over us.

God have mercy on us.

God have mercy on the neglectful older generations. We’re guilty of not speaking up enough for the unborn lives snuffed out each day since abortion was legalized.

Where were you when abortion was legalized?

Where are we now?

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com


Wash Your Hands

I doubt it’s a coincidence I stumbled upon this verse on the morning I wrote the first draft of this post:

Your hands are full of blood; wash and make yourselves clean. Isaiah 1:15-16 NIV

Yeah, lately we’re being told, “Wash your hands.” A. Lot. In the meantime, they’re bloody with the lives of so many little ones. (I hope no one tells me I don’t have any idea how difficult it is to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, because if I shared all the details of what my family went through over the last couple of years, that person would need to chomp their tongue.)

Yes, saying yes to life is going to cost a person a lot more than they bargained for. But what good does it do for a person to preserve their free time for cruises and retirement hobbies while they lose their own soul?

In the meantime, I’m praying COVID-19 doesn’t kill us all off, but brings us to repentance and revival so more unborn lives will be spared from the slaughter. Because when I heard about a crematorium in Europe being too overwhelmed to take any more dead adults, I thought about the piles of unborn babies who are being disposed of daily across this pathetic planet.

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

Yes, I’m Still Grieved

I could have been one of those women who now regrets having an abortion, because no one in my circle bothered to speak up for the unborn. I didn’t hear anything #Prolife until I joined a Bible study group when I was 21.

Thankfully, infertility protected me and my potential offspring from the knife of an abortionist while I didn’t know any better.

Are you also grieved by the hypocrisy?

Speak while you can, because there’s a lot less young people watching out for us than there would have been if we had spoken up more for the unborn.


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

And yeah, I know, this isn’t a pretty nor a politically correct post. I’m just so tired of small talk when there’s so much big stuff happening all around us. By the way, I agree with the good things the world is trying to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I don’t believe we should sacrifice the elderly for the sake of the economy.


Two wrongs still don’t make a right. Just because the elderly (myself included) largely neglected the unborn doesn’t mean we shouldn’t protect the old people (I’m 59, so this includes me).

My point is to draw everyone’s attention to the hypocrisy we’re ALL guilty of.

Please note this isn’t a just a religious rant. There are secular #Prolife organizations too. Good on them. They give me hope for humanity.

Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com

Let’s Wash Our Hands

Let’s wash our hands from hypocrisy
And use them to save lives
Of the unborn and the elderly
For none should be despised
Let’s wash our hands of complacency
And use them to protect lives
Of all the most vulnerable
For we’re accountable in God’s eyes.
~ wlm

#Prolife blessings from conception to death ~ Wendy Mac

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Let’s Wash Our Hands #Prolife wendylmacdonald.com