Heavenly Hydrangeas


Green unveiling blue


Petals born anew

Just biding your time

Until it’s your hour

So butterfly like

Transforming flower

Oh shades of clear skies

An ocean of blue

You do dazzle me

With heavenly hues

Dew droplets sparkle

Upon moonlit sea

With your sapphire waves

Washing over me

Shades that will deepen

When chills do arrive

Lavender blue fades

But you’re still a prize

From garden to vase

Lasting forever

Please may we harvest

Your golden treasure?


I wrote this while listening to my daughter’s piano lesson taking place in the background.  Her music ability is transforming quickly into something very  beautiful. I’m so glad she loves to play.

Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, our Heavenly Father wants to see our hearts born anew.  The book of John, in the New Testament, is a great place to read about this.

Born Again Blessings ~  Wendy