A Longing Fulfilled


A Longing Fulfilled

Birds speak of hope

resting in this moment    

soon to rise above




A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul,

 Proverbs 13:19

Recently my husband returned from an outing and handed me a black box. I assumed it was chocolate because he often brings me some on the weekends. But when I focused on the gift, I discovered it was a camera. And not just any old camera… it was a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS that I never in a million years would have bought for myself.

My husband already knew I would continue to suffer away indefinitely with my little old camera (I’m keeping it for macros). So when he found himself in the possession of an unexpected windfall, he decided to get me a camera I could capture good bird shots with. Wow. I can also lasso the moon with its super-charged zoom.





~ Waiting is the basting on the feast of fulfillment. ~


I believe waiting is a blessing. When we’ve wanted or needed something and trusted God to provide according to His timing, we receive peace and an extra measure of joy when the longing is fulfilled.


Purposely trusting God is the secret to peace.


What fulfillment have you especially rejoiced over?


Providential Blessings ~ Wendy


If you’d like to see more pictures of birds (Great Blue Heron etc.) check out the post I did yesterday on wendylmacdonald. See you there.