Do You Still Dream of Me?



Do You Still Dream of Me?


Do you still dream of me

in these our autumn days

now that our youth has passed

 and beauty fades away?


Do you still dream of me

when much around is lost

as couples give up hope

and will not pay the cost?


Do you still dream of me

for I still dream of you?

Within my heart I keep

our love alive with Truth.


Wendy ❀ 2014



Ian and I love getting out into the woods.

We’ve enjoyed walking together since our dating days.

In fact, this is what we still do for most of our dates.




This poem was inspired by an old conversation that came to mind this week.

It took place at our previous home in the country

while I  was showing a friend and her friend our free range chickens.

I warned them to watch out for the cranky rooster, Kellogg.

 Then I went on to say I was disgusted with how he treats hens.

Yes, he’s protective of them and is eager to point out food sources.

 He even made cute noises when he found grub for them.

They would all come running towards him when he called.

  But did he have to be so aggressive towards them?

(Any of you who’ve had roosters will know what I’m talking about.)

Just like on this post, I didn’t go into detail about the rooster’s antics.

I simply hinted.

My friend laughed and said to her friend,

“Don’t let Wendy’s prudish behavior fool you.

She’s the only married women I know that still has the hots for her husband.”

I blushed and placed my hand over my pregnant belly

 (I blushed again typing this).




My friend was referring to a conversation we’d had two years prior

when I used to live in the same town she did.

We were driving to garage sales in my green MGB.

And you know how woman are.

We can talk, shop, and drive all at the same time (not saying that I’m good at it).

She commented that the reason I parked so close to the garage sale

was so the guys would notice my cutesy car

(there’s a whole different post I can write about my little green car and why I sold it).

So then we got onto the topic of men.

When she mentioned a celebrity crush she had,

I told her about my crush.

I told her that I only dream of my husband.

That I made a concerted effort to keep it that way.

Then I told her I believed the reason why I was content

was not because he’s perfect,

but because God’s way is perfect.

I was keeping our covenant using my heart, my mind, and my body.




In the meantime,

 I’ve kept dreaming of my husband and have been blessed for it in so many ways.


Loving and respecting our husbands isn’t just about them.

It’s about our relationship with the One who created us.

The One who invented the act of marriage.

The gift of intimacy


and yes—sex too.


There—I typed the  S-word.

 (I hope my filter doesn’t block my own blog.) 

Someone needs to remind the world sex was God’s idea.

It’s beautiful when practiced in the manner in which He intended.

Grab a Bible and check it out for yourself…

because  this prudish blogger has expounded

 as far as she’s willing to go.


Do you have a favorite marriage book you’d like to recommend? 


Here is a link to a Christian author who writes

the BEST marriage books I’ve ever read.

Several years ago I bought two of his books for us

and more for others.



Godly Love Blessings ~  Wendy ❀