The Lord of the Dance: Psalm 23

Psalm 23:4 NIV

In an hour of gloom
Or on a day of hope
God’s comfort carries us
When we feel alone
In the darkest hour
Or on the brightest day
God’s comfort covers us
When we pause to pray.
~ wlm

Whatever the weather, prayer makes things better.

Psalm 23:4 NIV

It’s not in myself

I rely on for safety

But in the power of God’s love

Who is always with me

It’s not in others

I find shield from fear

But in the depth of God’s love

Who is always near.

~ wlm

Listen to your lives for the sound of him. Search even in the darkness for the light and the love and the life because they are there also, and we are known each one by name.
– Frederick Buechner

Psalm 23:3 NIV Forest path.

For the sake of His glory

God guides us down the path

Of love and righteousness

With a joy that lasts and lasts

For the sake of His Name

God guides us each day

Down the path of holiness

With peace that stays and stays.

~ wlm


When you’re in a dark place,
you … tend to think
you’ve been buried.
Perhaps you’ve been planted.
– Elisabeth Elliot

Psalm 23:5 NIV

I came upon a table
Set with blood red wine
And a loaf of bread so white
I believed it was Divine
I came upon a Host
Whose kind eyes lit by fire
Burned the dross of my sin
And met my heart’s desire
I came upon a seat
Set aside for lowly me
And the Grand Host bid I stay
For all eternity.
~ wlm

How wonderfully humbling and precious it is to be invited to the Lord’s Table. Forever.

He leads me beside quiet waters... Psalm 23:2

The Lord of the Dance
Knows our every step
And sees the hurt within
Each time we have wept
The Lord of the Dance
Understands the prayers
We have cried through tears
To inquire if He cares
The Lord of the Dance
Desires to take our hands
And lead us step by step
In to His perfect plans.
~ wlm

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Good Shepherd Blessings ~ Wendy Mac