The Lord Comforts His People

The Lord Comforts His People Trumpeter swans

I find comfort, courage, and guidance in the Bible. The world may change, but God’s Word–like Him–never changes. Jesus told us troubled times will come. He also reminded us not to worry because He’s already overcome evil.

  A Place

There is a place I run to

When comfort is what I need

It’s in the embrace of God

Who always cares for me

There is a place I run to

When joy is what I crave

It’s in the Presence of God

Who holds and keeps us saved.

Wendy / 2017

Burst into songs of joy together…

for the LORD has comforted his people…

Isaiah 52:9 NIV

The Lord Comforts His People Trumpeter swans

Songs of Joy Blessings ~ Wendy

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The Lord Comforts His People Trumpeter swans

22 thoughts on “The Lord Comforts His People

  1. I am so grateful for God’s promise of comfort…even though I sometimes begin with complaints, whines, and cries of “Why God?” When I finally take a breath and listen, His Spirit whispers words of hushed comfort and hugs of hope. And I rejoice…again!

  2. And btw, Wendy white crowned sparrows have arrived in our part of Texas for the winter and joining this past Sunday, snow geese! I love to see them arrive. We have many lakes and pastures where they flock every year. The sounds of their honks always draw my gaze into the heavens as I marvel at their yearly journey, knowing come spring they will depart again, and again, and again…because of the command and majesty of their Creator God.

  3. What a beautiful word to bring us today , of His comfort and joy! Thank,you so much Wendy! We saw a lone seagull flying over our house when we were outside today. The sun was out bright, so the seagull was shining in the light. 🙂

  4. Wendy, I just listened to your podcast for the first time. You have such a soothing voice and impart such wisdom. Those curmudgeons sure can bring us down easily enough. I met one on the path today myself. Kept telling myself “be kind, everyone is fighting battles I know nothing about.” Thx so much for your story, wonderful poem and the reminder that God gives us strength to rise above it and pray for those who hurt our hearts. In doing so, we become all the more like Him.

    1. Jamie, I think what you quoted is perfect: “be kind, everyone is fighting battles I know nothing about.” Jesus is enough to help us through the tough stuff. xo Thank you and blessings, dear friend.

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