In the Forever Light of Love: Our 33rd Wedding Anniversary


When the last light

of our breath

has set,

we’ll fly into

Forever Love


Wendy / 2016

Last Sunday I was weary to the bone from the previous day’s hike, and my head craved close contact with a pillow because osteoarthritis pain had bullied me the night before. So when my husband suggested we go for a short evening walk at a local park, I hesitated.

But I’ve learned to follow most of my husband’s wise suggestions. I can’t count the multitude of times I’ve been glad I said, “Yes–let’s do it.”

And that includes when I said “I do,” on August 19, 1983. I would have missed out on one of the best and biggest adventures of all.




Thank you, Ian, for getting us out to witness another incredible sunset together. I want to fly off into the Forever Light of Love with you. Happy 33rd wedding anniversary. xoxo

Sunset Blessings ~ Wendy

What’s your most memorable sunset? I’m nosy-to-know.  

Have you visited my latest post on the other blog? I share a bit about memoir writing (and more about my husband’s wisdom). And at the end of it there’s a link to a podcast that includes a quote of mine. I was honored to be invited to share a “From the Deep” story on the awesome writing encouragement podcast I  listen to.  

Here’s the link to my other blog post:

Better is One Book in God’s Library than Thousands Elsewhere 

Delight yourself in the LORD

and he will give you

the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4

(This was our wedding verse in 1983.)



56 thoughts on “In the Forever Light of Love: Our 33rd Wedding Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! I think we might have had this realization before, but you share an anniversary date with my dear parents (49 years for them!)! Also, Psalm 37:4 has been one of my favorites for a long time.

    May this year of marriage be even richer and more joyful, as you walk side by side!

    1. Thank you, dear friend. Please pass on my congratulations to your parents. We’ve been blessed with a shared sense of humor–so we have joy in more ways than one. I love hearing my husband laugh. 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary! I love this post. I too have a wise husband and osteoarthritis. 😌

  3. I’m going to add an apple to the bowl <3 (I love that). Can I do sunrise? My most memorable sunrise … in Navarre, Florida, just about to leave for Disney. And we see people out swimming in the ocean with their tiny dogs … and then we see sharks … and we remember the hotel people saying not to go in the water early morning because that's when sharks feed. Oh, mercy. Congratulations on your anniversary, sweet friend. We serve an amazing God. His mercies are new every single morning. <3

    1. What a delicious apple, dear Shelli. Thank you. <3 You have the gifted eye of an editor. I'm still amazed how you spotted the shark fin in my video. 🙂 I'm hoping to catch a few sunrise shots this weekend when we get away to a beachfront cabin. Please pray that I don't sleep in. xo

  4. Such beautiful photos, dear Wendy. And a beautiful poem of Eternal Love to celebrate your wedding anniversary Congratulations to you both. ♥

    1. Thank you, dear Theresa. I’d say it’s a good sign when you can’t choose a favorite sunset; it probably means they’re getting better each time. I love our latest one best. 🙂

  5. Beautiful in so many ways! Congratulations, Miss Wendy! You have a heart for words and an eye for nature and then your choice in husbands – sounds perfect! 😉

  6. Dear sister, Wendy
    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Since I follow your blog and read so many your beautiful posts, I learned so many important and precious things about life. I pray The Lord will always bless and anoint your marriage life until Maranatha! Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you, dear Karina. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed getting to know you over the last couple of years. Blessings to you and your family. Your husband is blessed to have such a lovely and godly wife.

  7. Wishing you a beautiful anniversary and more wonderful sunsets together! I always come away from your blog encouraged and inspired! Thank you!

    1. Thank you, dear Debbie. What a blessing you always are, friend. I appreciate hearing I’ve inspired you–you inspire so many of us bloggers to continue sharing Good News in the unique way He has gifted each of us to. Keep writing your poetry, Deb. It reaches the marrow and draws us to Him. <3

    1. Dear Rhonda, thank you for your kind words. Each member of the Body of Christ needs what one another has been blessed to share. Your art glorifies Him and inspires us to appreciate His living art. <3

  8. Happy anniversary!! Lovely sunset…another beautiful picture from you. My sunset of note was the first one I witnessed off the Fairhope Pier, Fairhope, Al Literally watched the sun dip into the horizon…God is such an awesome creator!! I marvel at His works and am constantly amazed.

    1. Thank you, dear Gracie. I agree wholeheartedly that “God is such an awesome creator!!” Often I wonder what’s in store for everyone in Heaven—cause I just know He’s still gotta be creating more and more beauty. <3

  9. Wendy: Happy Anniversary! Mary and I were pleased to meet you in Courtenay. We could sense a sincere love between you and Ian. May God shower you both with gentle blessings.

    1. Ian and I witnessed the same sincere love between you two, Rich. You and Mary are perfectly matched. I love seeing couples who still enjoy each other’s company after years of marriage. We’re blessed–aren’t we?

  10. WOW! Wendy these captures are so very beautiful, nothing better than to soak up such a view. I have a couple of really memorable sunrises and sunsets. I walked to the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt and witnessed the sun in all its glory rise up, so big and bold. People were praying, all walks of life had made the journey. It will stay with me forever. Sunrises I recall an amazing one over the Grand Canyon. But even at home they appear brilliant and often and I am always in awe of nature. Happy day to you.

    1. Dear Kath, thank you for sharing those beautiful moments with us. I can’t imagine how incredible the sunrise in Egypt must have been. And I love how each one, no matter where it is, is unique—like us. 🙂 Blessings as you continue to create your lovely artwork.

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