It’s Not About Beauty, It’s About a Pure Heart


A Pure Heart

It’s not about beauty

and it’s not about brains

It’s about obedience

to the King of Kings

It’s not about appearance

and it’s not about gold

It’s about a pure heart

who loves the God of Old.



People look at the outward appearance,

but the LORD looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7


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Beautiful blessings ~ Wendy

13 thoughts on “It’s Not About Beauty, It’s About a Pure Heart

  1. That is such a lovely poem!

    Wendy for some reason I am not able to connect to your other blog this morning. I tried using the above link. Then I tried going there from a link in my email. Then I tried to go there from a link on Facebook. I even tried using internet explorer instead of mozilla. I am wondering if it might be my own computer having problems, because yesterday I couldn’t use google or yahoo very well.

    I am so sorry. 🙁

    1. Thanks for trying, Theresa. <3 Sometimes I can't get onto a blog, including my own. I have no idea why that happens and then correct itself. This blog hasn't ever caused me a problem–just my new one.

  2. Wendy, we are all broken in one way or another. My guess is we each think of our own brokenness as uglier than someone else. The thing is, when our hearts are compared side by side, they all look the same. That is what God sees; and that is the beautiful, merciful, compassionate, grace-filled love of His Good News.

  3. It’s so true. We focus on such silly things and I’m as guilty as anyone although I *do* try to see the inside. Not always successful but that makes me human and mortal and not God that’s for sure!

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