The Woman in White



The Woman in White


Late on summer evenings

once traffic had ceased for night

she’d walk the gardens all alone

the woman dressed in white


The moonlight’s glow mirrored

on alba petals spread wide

many perfumed with fragrant grace

that she’d gather to bring inside


Before dawn’s dew had vanished

well hidden behind her hedge

she’d stroll again in her white night-coat

with a silk scarf covering her head


Yet ne’er during full daylight

was the woman in white to be seen

though the gardeners came to do the chores

all was still and serene


Her neighbors sometimes wondered

about the strange hours that she kept

But she dare not leave her ill lover’s side

except for when he slept


They say she loved her flowers

like children of her heart

But her dedication to her love

showed he’d won the greater part


His ashes he wanted scattered

over the lilies by the door

so his presence could watch over her

as he’d always done before


I’ve since heard outlandish rumors

that I thought could not be right

until I peeked into the garden

to see him with the woman in white.



I believe there will be a grand reunion in a garden lit up by a Presence more pure than light itself.


Pure Light Blessings ~ Wendy

There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord God will give them light.  

                   Revelation 22:5  


95 thoughts on “The Woman in White

  1. The believer has a fellowship with the Lord this world knows nothing about, nor cares to know. Beautifully expressed. I liked the ending, the promise of a time when there will be no “night”, no separation at all, but we’ll be able to worship and serve the Lord as He deserves.


    1. Von, I wish for the world to know the height, depth, length, and width of his love for us. Jesus died and rose again to save the world – not to condemn us. When we reject that love we are left without hope.


  2. I especially love the ending verse from Revelation! He will be our light! The way things will be in paradise are so far beyond what we glimpse now…and yet there are many glimpses of beauty, as evidenced in each of those flowers! Our pastor last Sunday spoke about the verses from Romans that tell us how creation itself is groaning for renewal and the coming of Jesus.

    I need to read your poem a few more times to catch the bits of meaning I missed the first time around. Thank you for sharing these gifts here. Have a wonderful, love-filled weekend!



    1. Alison, my main point of this poem was to highlight the devoted love that some couples have fostered over many years of being together. Only the perfect love of God surpasses it. Blessings upon you this Mother’s Day, dear friend!


      1. Your poem certainly painted a great picture of that devoted love. Prayers for marriages full of joy, grace, and love through all seasons!

        Thank you for the Mother’s Day blessings. I’m not sure how much I ought to share, so I will just say that right before the weekend, we found out that a beloved family member has cancer. It was detected early and doctors are very hopeful about surgery removing it entirely. This lady in our family is praying, but she has yet to truly grasp what it means to put her life in Jesus’ hands….this all made Mother’s Day bittersweet!


  3. I love your collection of white flowers. The reference to a place where there will be no more night is comforting, as we lost a very dear young woman to a battle with cancer this week.


  4. Oh Wendy!! My new fave, for sure–I love the romance of it, and wanted the story/poem to continue; I got lost in the gorgeous imagery. God bless you today, BIG–love, sis Caddo


  5. I’ve wanted to plant a ‘white garden’ for a few years now – this reinforces my wish! What a lovely collection you have, Wendy. It reminded me of the Wilkie Collins Woman In White story that I love so well…


        1. I can’t remember books I’ve already read, sometimes, until I get half way through it again… In the book, “Christy”, I always forget if it’s the doctor or the preacher she chooses ( or none?). But don’t remind me, so I can reread it like new! 😉


  6. What a precious poem … your gift with words (and with your hands in the garden) are a blessing to those who read and take in your pictures. THANK YOU for sharing them here… I love the lilies of the valley… mine are starting to peek up, just the leaves … but very soon the blossoms will follow! Blessings dearest, Wendy!


  7. This is such a moving post, I think it is beautiful. I have Lily of the Valley just blooming in my garden now, they are so beautiful. But your photos have captured everything perfectly.
    I used to walk late at night when everyone else was indoors, it was years ago when i was very ill. I found it so peaceful and healing. Your poem reminded me of how far I have come on my journey to be well. Thank you x


  8. Heart-touching, thought-provoking poetry–you are a gifted wordsmith. What a delight to be introduced to your blog! And thank you very much for visiting mine as well, and expressing your “like” for “Not Length But Strength.”


  9. Wonderful. In the cascade of colour in our gardens you have created a special moment in concentrating on the white. It gives a new “light” on Isaiah’s “though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white…”


  10. There’s a haunting melancholy to this poem, Wendy. Yet, there is the sweetness of love and grace and fidelity. My eyes mist the ore I think about your poem. 🙂


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