Like a Bird



Like a Bird


Snow falls from the sky

settling like a bird on branch

soon to fly away.



PS –

It’s my first Haiku

Creation supplies the words

I think I am hooked…


Haiku Blessings for 2013 ~ Wendy

* Happy New Year!*

44 thoughts on “Like a Bird

      1. wendy, you’re sweet but… not so sure … i usually write what i fondly call “black irish” poetry..meaning depressing so not sure… rather a drab reception, shall we say. promise to say how intelligently wrought they are if i post them, k? 😉 xox


  1. Ooooh, yay! Your first haiku!!! Wonderful, you’re a natural! I got so carried away, I didn’t think to look at the photo, till I read some comments–YES, it does look like a snow shot to the face, Wendy! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo


  2. Your first? I should have warned you–you won’t be able to stop at one (or two or three..).
    Well done! Nature will never run low on inspiration. You can always find it there.
    Happy New Year, Wendy.


    1. Lori, you are so correct… I keep a pen and notebook on my night table; because, I cannot sleep if there’s a poem swimming around in my brain. Once it is captured on paper then I can go to sleep… I’ll just bet you know what I’m talking about? 😉

      Blessings dear friend for 2013 ~ Wendy


    1. I’ll bet you could! Write out three sentences about something that inspires you and then prune out some words. My collage English professor said my writing was verbose!! So, I worked really hard for our most important essay and presentation and got an “A”. If I can do it then you can too!! Just don’t change your regular poems… I love them as is.

      Blessings dear friend ~ Wendy 🙂


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