Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus

Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


Does COVID-19 rule in your heart and mind right now?

Recently, during my quiet time, a Bible verse popped off the page and pointed to three things that happened the day before. They were little things. But the trio had a big thing to say. I’ll share the Scripture at the end.

First, I’ll start off with the smallest thing that happened. I was restless to get outside and take photographs. Because of social distancing, I have lost interest in leaving home. So, I thought I would go in my garden and see if there was anything worth noting. I’m glad I heeded the nudge to don my garden clothes from head to foot, because I ended up on my hands and knees taking pictures of dainty spring offerings for 30 minutes.

There were more flowers to photograph than I imagined there would be.


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


The second thing that happened that day was I didn’t have as much meat as I normally need to make our family’s favorite stew. In fact, I was supposed to make something else, but the store was out of some ingredients (Thank you, dear panic hoarders). So, I chose to do my best and enjoy the journey while I rinsed, chopped, and fried what I did have.

We ended up having more than enough. We had leftovers.


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


The third thing that happened was my reaction to something I heard. It made me realize I’m not as safe in my house as I thought I was. That realization knocked the wall of denial down that made me think I wasn’t one of the older people who needs to be extra careful. I’m 59—not 29. Yikes!!!

Fear welled up in my heart and squeezed so hard I almost had to sit down. And then I reminded myself God already knows the day I will enter Heaven’s gate.

God knows.


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


I’m to trust and obey and not give way to fear. Fear doesn’t help anyone. Then I started thinking about a close friend who went Home to Heaven 18 months ago. I imagined the greeting she would give me if I showed up prematurely. I thought of all the times she literally jumped up and down whenever I surprised her with an unannounced visit. Oh, that we all had a friend like her.

Wait. We do. His name is Jesus.

And so, what have God’s children got to fear? Not a thing.



Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


The verse I alluded to is 2 Kings 4:43 NIV “They will eat and have some leftover.”

Jesus always makes the little we have enough. The same God who created this universe is the same God who will do what’s best for us. You and I will have enough of whatever we truly need.

Enough food.

Enough joy.

Enough time.

We’re in good hands. We’re in God’s hands.


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


Does COVID-19 rule? No, it does not. God does. And God is love—not fear. <3


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


Leave the battle to the Lord

And do not be afraid

For God is a Warrior

Who is Mighty to save


Leave the battle to the Lord

And do not lose hope

For God is always with us

No matter where we go.

~ wlm


Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus


Fearless Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

I’m nosy-to-know what Bible verse is comforting you at this time? 

P.S. I originally wrote this as a Facebook post and then realized it may bless my fellow baby boomers in blogosphere too.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 NIV

Does COVID-19 Rule? #CoronaVirus