I Believe You


I Believe You


I don’t understand

It doesn’t make any sense

She was only sixteen

Her life was hardly spent

I asked

I pleaded

It appeared

You’d said, “Yes.”

Then suddenly when all seemed safe

She took her last breath




Insurmountable grief!

Faith testing sobs convulsed me


I still chose to believe

I believe that You love her

I believe that You care

I’ve chosen to trust that You heard me

No matter what!

I believe You were there.


Last Tuesday night, I could not settle under my blankets until I’d written this poem.  It is in memory of my niece who died, in her sleep, five years ago. November is the month that  I remember people’s deaths that I have grieved. As the coastal skies weep torrents of nature’s tears,  I am at peace.

After writing this poem, I fell straight to sleep.  “If counting sheep doesn’t help you fall sleep – then talk to the Good Shepherd.”

Peaceful Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – I don’t want to go into the why at this time, but I have attached an old post that explains why I believe we cannot judge where another person has gone when they have died.  We don’t know what conversation has taken place between them and God in their dying moments.  He does!  It’s not about earning Heaven – it’s about God’s grace.