This Bud’s for You

Without other bloggers

to read

to like

to follow

It would be a lonely site

And would sound

kind of


So I post this poem

to thank you


your visits


your words

For without each other

we’d be



never heard!


PS – I appreciate every one of you!

Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – Part II

This week I found out I now have 200 people subscribed as followers. Thank you!  I also follow most of you, too.  As long as my computer filter says you pass the test – then I usually follow.  It matters not, to me, if we come from different faiths or lifestyles.  My desire is to share creation, as I see it, with you. And I love learning about how others view this world and want to respect that. One of the most important lessons I want to teach my children is to learn to agree to disagree with gentleness  and respect.  If you ever want to know more about what I believe, you can find it in the Gospel of John in the Bible… or ask me.  If you don’t – that’s okay too.  But I hope I can help you see and appreciate, even more, the beauty in nature all around us.  It has its own story to tell!