Taxi Mama

What do you get when you put a mother, of three, in a mini-van?  A Taxi Mama! I am so thankful to be able to drive my offspring to their special interest events. While driving my younger son to airsoft shooting, I came across another mother and son.

She does not taxi her son around, anymore, now that he is born ( and walking on the same day).  According to the kind owner, who allowed me to photograph her “babies”, this handsome little fellow was born during the recent Olympics. Yikes!  Can I even put that name in my blog?

The owner would like to put ” Olympic” ( now I am in double trouble) in his name, but she thinks it might cause a stir!  She was amazed that her horses did not make shy to me.  I was grateful… although I almost fell into the barbed wire fence, because I was so excited!

This makes up for the three horses I wanted to photograph the day before, when I was finished driving the other son to a  hiking spot.  I could not stop then, because I did not want to be late for the scrumptious dinner my husband was cooking for us.  Dinner time is no big deal for this little guy.  He just cozies up to his mother.

The visit is over… off they go.  Brief – but breathtakingly beautiful!  My heart is as full, as that little ones tummy.  Thank you, Lord, for the many perks of my Taxi Mama job!

Time for me to go pick up my son ~ Wendy

PS – My handsome husband just called, on his cellphone, to say that he is in the area, that our son is, and so he will pick him up.  I’ll be sure to put the shepherd’s pie in the oven on time.  Some days just turn out alright.  We won’t talk about yesterday…  Suffice to say: God is good – all the time!

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle,

but victory rests with the Lord,”  Proverbs 21:31