Frozen in Time



Frozen in Time


Some lives appear to be frozen in time

as everything abruptly comes to a halt

Gifts remain unwrapped and untouched under trees

while others search out who’s at fault

Some hearts appear to be frozen in time

when lost ones leave them suddenly to grieve or despair

Parents are wishing they could turn back the clock

and keep their dear children away from there…

Some moments appear to be frozen in time

as last words spoken swirl around and around

Loved ones retrace every second of last embrace

searching for hints of lingering love still to be found

Some days appear to be frozen in time

when moving ahead feels like an abandonment of love

Meanwhile little ones are in the Father’s gentle care

anticipating arrival of parents to their Home above.


I cannot imagine the depth of anguish and the piercing pain of losing a child that you’ve loved and held.

When I remember that my miscarried children are waiting for me in Heaven, it makes the anticipation of the future homecoming even sweeter.  It will be a blessed reunion!

Homecoming Blessings ~ Wendy