Step Into His Will for You: Love One Another



Step Into His Will for You: Love One Another

I don’t know if you ever find the “love one another” command difficult to step into–I know I do sometimes. It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s tricky when the ones I know I’m struggling to love are not exactly as easy to love as #naturephotography on Instagram or Twitter. And I do wish it was as easy to love everyone as I love watching the trumpeter swans that visit our Comox Valley each winter.

But God’s been working on me; He’s continuing the transformation process He started in me over three decades ago. Each morning I get washed in His Word. Each Sunday when I manage to make my way to church, He washes me with words from the sermons and worship songs.

And that’s just it—it’s God doing the washing of me and the loving through me when I obey and extend what’s been poured into my soul.




The Canada geese and Trumpeter swans in the short video I’ve recorded and placed at the end of this post kinda remind me of the love found in a healthy family or healthy community. The birds don’t all look or act the same, yet they paint a beautiful picture of how diversity should look: peaceful.

I was blessed to live in a diverse neighborhood when I was a child. Some of my friends didn’t have the same colour of skin as I did; I’m glad because that’s the way it should be, and it’s still that way today.




My heart broke to hear of hate being fired out of a killing machine in my beloved Canada (Quebec) last month.

When I listened to an interview on CBC radio of a friend of one of the victims, I was impressed with the love he expressed for Canada as he shared how thankful he was for the love being showered on him and the other survivors of a shooting that took place in his mosque.

I cried as I listened to his frightened voice.

I cried because I wish he and his Muslim friends felt safer than they do right now.

And I cried because my grandfather didn’t fear for his life when he came to Canada from Poland many years ago.

Racism is hate.

We’re all brothers and sisters. We’re all made in the image of the Creator. And just as the killer proved, anyone from any group can fall far enough into cruelty that he or she becomes someone’s worst nightmare.

We need to stop pointing fingers and put on love.


Make me a soul softener

Not a finger pointer

So the Light shining in me

Is true

Because it’s You

Wendy / 2017




Hate does not come from God. God is love.

God bless Canada; God bless all Canadians.

Multicultural and Diverse Blessings ~ Wendy <3


God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him.

1 John 4:16 (NIV)