Forever Friends


Forever Friends


Once again

we walk familiar streets

in the autumn

of our lives

Together forever

Through alpha of spring

Through heat of summer

Now fading fall

with all its inclement weather

Winter’s grayness

for us

lies just ahead

But we’re determined

Quitting is not

an option

We’re committed


To walk through storms

To wade through snow

Treading together


over the ice we go

At winter’s omega

I’ll walk

through the gate


But when we meet again

my friend

we’ll be

forever together

at Home!

Wendy/ 2012

Forever Blessings ~ Wendy

PS – I’ve just shared with you one my husband’s and my block walks. There are several routes we take: but this is my favorite since we can see the glacier well. Thank you, Ian, for walking through life’s seasons with me.