Roller-Coaster Ride



Roller-Coaster Ride


You never change

I’m glad about that

Don’t get me wrong

but sometimes I envy that about You

Sometimes this roller coaster ride

really gets to me…

I long for the straight stretch at the end

where it slows down

so I can see what’s up ahead

I’m not a thrill seeker

and surprises can get wearisome

Help me to ride out

the peaks and the depths

of uncertainty and adversity

Cause You never change

and after all –

You know what’s up ahead

even if I’m trembling

on the turnarounds

and beleaguered

by corkscrews

and double loops

You’ve got this theme park

called life

all under control –

Thank You!

I couldn’t bear it

if I thought this ride

didn’t end well.


Hang On Tight Blessings ~ Wendy

Do you worry about the future?  Or do you try to take life one day at a time?  I vacillate between the two.  I know what the right answer is – but it’s hard sometimes, when you are only human.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA