Handsome Young Buck


Handsome Young Buck


Caught between lush nature

and mankind’s concrete starkness

where electric stars and mini moons

prevent the cloak of darkness

A choice to be cougar prey

fleeing from claws and jaws of death

Or living as Mammon’s menace

as rocks are hurled from gardeners’ steps

So he stands still as a stone

hoping I’m not one of those

who would rather harm a deer

than lose a single rose

He sees a fence and relaxes

as either way it obstructs

Just my camera takes a shot

of the cautious and handsome young buck!


This young buck was in our neighbor’s front garden.  Our neighbor does not mind since her flowers are mainly behind her house, where it is fenced… I’ve chased deer off our old acreage when they came into the garden areas; but here, in town, there must be fences!  To chase them could cause them to run into traffic and harm them or the drivers.  I’m glad my friend likes them since it means that I can enjoy him in peace; and he can have a meal in tranquility! Thank you to my daughter for alerting me to grab my camera.  My days of chasing them with a broom are over…

Blessings ~ Wendy