Holy Bubbles

Holy bubbles adrift

Emptied of all dross

Light as feathers

Who set you aloft?

Who scrubbed your heart?

What  purged your mind?

Removing impurities

That One would find

Were you before

weighed down with sin?

Who cast what’s vile

and bid you in?

The cross – you say?

You’re His today?

It’s all been paid?

Christ is the way!


We were driving home, from a walk around town, when we noticed bubbles coming out of the local soap factory/shop.  I suggested that maybe, next time, we should take pictures of it.  Suddenly my husband pulled into a side alley and parked so that we could take pictures right away. It was my last two photos of our walk, as my camera died right after.  I was elated that Ian had been so thoughtful to stop – so I was okay.  But when I checked the photos later; they begged to have a poem written about them.  I had not noticed the shadow when I was taking the pictures…  The photo of the shop was taken, earlier, when the bubbles were not there.  Same with the flowers that were taken in front of the soap shop.

Holy Bubble Blessings ~ Wendy