A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk

A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk wendylmacdonald.com

I had a dream that prompted part 3 in my Case for Compassion Series of podcasts. I’m not sure if I would have remembered to note the dream in my journal if it wasn’t for the Bible verse that captured my attention the next morning. Before I share the dream, let’s look at the Scripture I chose as my verse for that day:

… Jesus … had compassion on them, because they were like a sheep without a shepherd. Mark 6:34 NIV

Sheep are easily overwhelmed and scared. But a flock will flourish under the guidance of a good shepherd. As Christians, we’re blessed to be under the wings of a compassionate God who leads us with love. We don’t need to fear when we cling to the Shepherd.

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One important way we stay close to Christ is by guarding our minds. When our thoughts are steadfast in trusting Him, we’re led on paths of peace.

Listen to what the Bible says about our Good Shepherd:

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3 NIV

A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk wendylmacdonald.com

When our thoughts stray from the Shepherd, we’re susceptible to discouragement. Our self-talk also needs to be submitted to the Holy Spirit’s leading. I’ve been slipping in this area since making the decision to set one of my memoir manuscripts aside. Instead of being compassionate with my need to focus on one project, I’ve wallowed in writer’s block brought on by doubts about my calling.

Instead of focusing on the God of the impossible, I focused on my failures and weaknesses.

Now here’s where I share the dream I had:

In the dream, I was listening to a podcast where the speaker shared how he noticed he was more compassionate in the way he judged a struggling stranger than how he judged himself. He went on to describe a despicable lifestyle someone was leading. Yet, his compassion for the person bubbled to the surface because of what he figured was probably behind their lost-in-lasciviousness behavior. He marveled at how vast his compassion was for the stranger and yet how meager it was for himself whenever he stumbled.

In the dream, I said the following to someone who was listening alongside, “He’s preaching to anyone who’s battling discouragement. Without even trying, he’s encouraging us to have healthy self-talk.”

Harsh self-talk is self-harming.

We’re more helpful to others and ourselves when we’re self-compassionate. How can we love our neighbors if we don’t love ourselves?

Jesus says we can do all things He asks us to do. We don’t need to fear our Shepherd will abandon us to the wolves of discouragement when we’re walking on the path of peace God’s placed us on. We simply need to preach the truth to ourselves and take the next step. What’s ahead is in God’s hands. We don’t need to worry about tomorrow because our Good Shepherd has eternity in His compassionate and capable hands.

What say you? Is the wolf able to snatch us from God? No. In Christ, we’re kept safe and secure from wily wolves and sneaky snakes. In Christ, we have forever faith and assured salvation. He’s the compassionate Shepherd who carries every one of His lambs safely home.

A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk wendylmacdonald.com

We have no right nor reason to put down one of His lambs. Including ourselves.

Listen to what the Bible says about believers:

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Romans 8:1 NIV

We must not call unholy whom Christ has consecrated. We are called to love ourselves as well as our neighbors. We are called to walk with compassion towards all. Including ourselves. The next time the accuser of the brethren points his finger at us, let’s cling to the Lord and remember we’re dressed in His robe of righteousness.

And if we’ve fallen afresh into sin, let’s repent, get off the fence, and follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk wendylmacdonald.com

We’re not condemned if we’re walking with Christ.

Blessings, dear listeners as we remember Christ’s love is everlasting and His call is irrevocable. The Good Shepherd loves us too much to abandon us.

And now I’d like to close with a poem:

Since God has compassion
On each one of us
Shouldn’t we have good self-talk
Because we’re loved by His Son?
Since God’s declared salvation
Over each one of us
Shouldn’t we have self-compassion
Because we’re washed in the Blood?
~ wlm

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I’m nosy-to-know what Bible verses are part of your positive self-talk?

9 thoughts on “A Case for Compassionate Self-Talk

  1. I need to pay attention to my self talk as we’re heading into another few months of medical tests for Bob and I’m a bit tired and overwhelmed. It’s easy to offer Bob compassion but as his caregiver I often forget that I need to offer it to myself as well. Thank you for this timely message, Wendy. Blessings, Nancy

    1. Dear Nancy, I will pray for you to have peace. And I will pray regarding the tests. I hope all ends well and healthy for Bob. Hugs, my friend, as Jesus holds you close to His heart. xo

  2. Wendy, Thank you for your reminder about self-talk. I’ve been battling that myself as I delay writing and repair projects as well as new opportunities. I posted a couple of months ago about a dream of mine in connection with prayer (https://callforfireseminar.wordpress.com/2022/01/28/prayer-and-dreams-that-i-remember/). Your post resonated with me in part because of how our respective posts both dealt with discouragement or fear. Thank you again. I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Thank you, Michael, for the link to your post about the dreams. I’m sure it’s no coincidence a dream I had last night has been on my mind all day. God is the same God who spoke to Joseph in a dream.
      Thank you also for your encouraging words.
      There are so many different kinds of battles going on in the world right now. God is reminding me today that our part in praying for others is a one-day-at-a-time battle. He’s still in control. We never were. This brings me relief. It reminds me to let go of fear and trust our Fearless One with the big and little stuff.
      Blessings on your writing & repair projects, dear brother.

  3. I love that “He has loved me with an everlasting love” – there was never a time when He didn’t love me, and there never will be.❤️
    In my first novel, “Counselor,” Liz is having coffee with the Counselor, and when she spills her coffee she starts berating herself. The Counselor interrupts her tirade by slamming His hand onto the table with a loud “HEY!” As strangers turn and Liz blushes, He says quietly, “You’re talking to someone I care about. And. You. Will. Not. Talk. To. Her. That. Way.” Liz doesn’t know her Counselor is Jesus yet, but the message is received. She is thoroughly rebuked. And reassured.

  4. Love this, Wendy. Helpful and encouraging in a time of exhaustion, my friend. We can do all things He asks us to do. ❤ Thank you for sharing. Blessings!

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