A Writer’s Garden

Spring brings delight
To our senses and souls
As she waltzes past winter
In purple velvet robes
Spring brings a promise
To engage us all
With a parade of prettiness
That rivals fall.
~ wlm

The flowers appear on the earth… Song of Songs 2:12 NIV

I’m nosy-to-know which season is your favorite?

I’m a guest on writer/author Catherine Castle’s blog today where you can read the rest of my garden post here: Wendy’s Garden

Spring Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

10 thoughts on “A Writer’s Garden

  1. When we lived in BC, fall was my favourite season, with all its glorious colours, but now that we’re back in SK, spring delights my soul. It speaks of our hope of resurrection, renewal of life after the harshness of winter, and the resurgence of colourful beauty.

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  2. Loved this today, when winter is having a hard time letting go here in the Midwest. Spring brings such hope to my soul! Thank you Wendy for sharing your beautiful words, especially this: spring “waltzes past winter in royal velvet robes.”

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I enjoy a word in season, so I'd love it if you added an apple to the bowl.

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