Why I L♥ve My Kindle



I’ve been enjoying my new Kindle 

so much

that I thought I’d share some late summer/early autumn pictures with you

 while I explain why I’m now in love with e-books

(I didn’t think this would ever happen to me).




The first reason why I’m head over heels

is because of the easy access to inspirational novels and educational books.

A lot of the books I plan to read are not available locally,

and since I’m a struggling newbie writer  polishing up my first novel

I appreciate how affordable e-books are to buy.

Within moments I can purchase and download a wonderful new read.

It’s especially nice to purchase an e-book that a blogger friend has written.

Indie authors get a decent percentage of the price of an e-book.

Believe me, writing a book is

a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be a lengthy labor of love.




The second reason why I love my Kindle

is because I can carry a whole bunch of books within a compact device.

This is handy when I’m doing the taxi-mama thing

since I can haul a library in my purse

and read to my heart’s content while waiting for one of my teens to finish a music lesson etc.

Right now I’m enjoying a novel and two three how-to books on publishing/writing.

The Kindle keeps my place in each book without any help from me.

My arthritic wrists appreciate how easy it is to hold a Kindle  (or prop it up).

No, I won’t be getting rid of my collection of antique books.

I love how warm and wonderful old books look on tables and shelves.




The third ( read forth—since I slipped in an extra one above)  reason I adore my Kindle

 is that I’ll be able to e-mail my novel draft to it

 so that I can read it from a different perspective (crossing my fingers that I’ll figure this out),

which is critical to trick my eyes into finding more things that I need to self-edit.

My Kindle can’t do housework, rub my back, or pay me a compliment;

but I love it none-the-less ❤ .




Now it’s your turn to tell me what you love (or don’t) about Kindles or e-books.


PS – I keep mine in its own handbag (made by yours truly).


Book-loving blessings ~ Wendy ❤




69 thoughts on “Why I L♥ve My Kindle

    1. Jennifer, I like the idea some indie authors have of giving the first of a series free. It’s a smart way of bringing readers on board. Last night I downloaded one and I can tell it’s going to be a fun series. No wonder she has a growing readership. ❀

        1. I can relate. Sometimes I stumble across wonderful blogs I had forgotten about. Going on the WordPress reader is kinda like looking into a Christmas stocking–you just never know what treasures you’ll find.

  1. I still love “real” books, but must also admit I couldn’t live without my iPad. 🙂 Especially when I travel, I can bring 100’s of books and don’t have to choose just a few.

    1. I can see how handy e-books would be for traveling. Airports have a way of keeping us captive for long periods of time. But you’d never run out of books with an iPad or Kindle. ❀

  2. I don’t have a kindle, but I do have an e library on a tiger device. I totally agree that e readers are excellent for people with all kinds of disabilities to be able to change the font size is wonderful to one sight challenged friend. I look forward to reading your book, downloading the kindle app will be no problem and I can carry on enjoying your lovely pictures on the same device.

  3. What a gorgeous handbag, Wendy–very nice, I love it. I can’t afford Kindle yet–hoping that when I finally need it, God will make a way (I’m generally loathe to acquire and learn more new technology!). May He bless you BIG today!

    1. Thank you. I’m slow at learning about new gadgets unless I’m super motivated. When my Kindle arrived in the mail it felt like Christmas morning since I’d been wanting one for a couple of years. ❀

  4. Wendy I don’t have one yet, but I do have the Kindle app on my mac and it opens up a whole new world of books to me at an affordable price. And like you say friends self publishers I can read their books too. If I try to order them through Amazon to be sent to Australia it gets pretty costly. So yes I love my kindle app and will definitely think about buying the kindle too. happy day to you. Love this images too and good luck with the writing.

    1. Thank you, Kath. I have an app on my PC but I didn’t enjoy reading a whole book on it. The Kindle screen is easy on my eyes.

      I’m loving your art on Facebook and your blog. ❀

  5. Wendy: Excellent post. My wife, Mary, has a Kindle. She downloads all her books for free from our local library. I can rub your back and pay you a compliment, but I won’t do housework. I like your photos of Virginia Creeper and the poems within your post. I wish you inspiration and dedication on your future book. ~ Richard ~

  6. Great photos as always. I have an e-reader; got it because of my work. BUT, you can’t flip back and forth to check out parallel passages or check if you misread something, without knowing the page number. I read little fiction so I read with my thumbs in places, which an e-reader can’t do. On the other hand, I do read more fiction on my reader. And I really like being able to get old, out-of-print books from http://www.ccel.org; some wonderfully inspired writers of faith that are being lost because their work is not readily available – until you get an e-reader. So it’s both/and, not either/or for me.

    1. Thank you for the awesome link. I’m a fan of George MacDonald, Andrew Murray, and Spurgeon. I’ve bookmarked it.

      I agree that it’s not an either/or. The more ways we can encourage reading–the better (especially the reading of classics). ❀

  7. Wendy, once again you amaze me by all your talents. A homemade kindle bag- and so lovely! Ok, I love my kindle app on my phone. I can read books off my phone anywhere and it fits in my pocket! ☺️

  8. I have an ipad that I took to Europe with me summer before this last one and I enjoyed having it while I was there, but I’ve not using it much now. I prefer to hold a book in my hand and to be able to underline things and make notes in the margins. But I’m so glad you are enjoying yours as much as you are. Loved the photos. Hugs, N 🙂 <3

  9. I love the bag you made–nice work! I have digital editions of magazines on my iPad and love not having them stacked up in the living room, and I can read them anywhere.

    1. Thank you, Patti. I’m noticing I don’t have as big a stack of books on my desk as I used to have. Perhaps e-books will be good for our forests? I love paper books, but I’m not crazy about newspapers and magazine clutter. ❀ I treat good magazines like books and keep them in baskets and on shelves.

      1. I need to do something with my magazine collection. I tend to file them after reading, but my to-be-read pile is getting out of hand. I didn’t think I could give up “real” books, but digital is better in a lot of ways.

  10. I’ve had my Kindle now for about three years. I never thought it’d replace the need to buy and devour books – and it hasn’t. But it’s great for travelling and when you just don’t want to carry a heavy tome. And the books are cheaper! Bonus!

  11. Lovely to actually see your beautiful Kindle bag. I am loving my Kindle; much more than I expected to. I have just downloaded my third e book; all three written by bloggers. The prices are very reasonable. It won’t replace paper books but it is very very convenient. The best part of Kindle for me is that my son, the life long non-reader, has become an avid reader since he invested in a Kindle. I am thrilled about that.

    1. What good news when a non-reader becomes a reader. One of my sons loves real books and the other one prefers to read on his computer (which he does a lot since he loves history and science).

      Thank you for reminding us that technology can reach others in ways the traditional books weren’t able to.

      Several paper books have arrived at our home this week for homeschooling, and I find myself wondering about the overuse of paper for texts and workbooks that only get used once. We pass things on and recycle–so that will help. ❀

        1. Over the years, as a true homeschooling parent, I’ve purposely bought books that can be used as lifelong resources (living books) rather than by the grade textbooks (regurgitated facts).

          This year we’ve enrolled as what I call distance education students which means we have to tow the government outcome line. It’s not true grassroots homeschooling.

          Thank you for the link. I like the concept too. ❀

  12. Wendy, I’m so happy for you! I have a Kindle on my laptop, but I have to admit that I don’t think of it often. I’m on a mission to read what is available in my public library, especially Christian fiction and authors I’ve met on Twitter. I think if I didn’t have the library I would be doing as you are. It is a fabulous way to get books inexpensively. I would really, really miss holding the book in my hands though, and the smell of them 🙂
    Your Kindle bag is lovely, Wendy! I’d be happy to carry that anywhere.

    1. Thank you, Joyce. I prefer reading books written by an author with a biblical world view because I know I probably won’t come across gratuitous things in the story that cause me to shut the book and move on.

      One of my favorite ways to built up our physical book library is by shopping at second hand stores. I found a lovely book by Michael Card this week. I miss our local Christian bookstores that both closed recently. I used to do most of my Christmas shopping at them. ❀

  13. I use a couple of e-book options and use ‘audible’ for audio books. I appreciate being able to listen to a book on my commute and all the points you mentioned, but I really love the good old fashioned feel of turning pages. Licking my finger and turning the page….tasting the book 😉 (just kidding). Even though I can book mark in an e-book I like to underline, highlight and scribble the old fashion way.

    All the best for your novel!!!! 🙂


    1. Thank you, JC. What a great idea to listen to audio books while you’re driving. The kids and I listened to a lot of stories from Focus on the Family back when we had a long drive to get to town and church.

      Some books really do have a good flavor to them. I have bought antique books just because I liked the cover. It’s a bonus when the contents are great too. ❀

  14. Wendy, I love my Kindle, too. I didn’t think I would. And yeah, I could do without it. But my husband helped me transfer my WIP there, too, just recently … and reading my WIP on my Kindle was awesome! It allowed me to find errors more easily and adjust the flow.

    I, too, have been able to instantly download free e-books that I probably wouldn’t have purchased otherwise. It’s been great learning from others’ works.

    Have a blessed day!

    1. Thank you, dear Shelli. How wonderful that you put your WIP on your Kindle. I’ve made a major GMC change in mine—so it will be a week or so before I get to that point again (thanks to an awesome e-book about writing).

      It sounds like you also realize how important it is for writers to keep reading. I love the excuse to curl up with a book. ❀

  15. Yea, another kindle lover. I’m crazy about mine and I carry around with me whenever traveling. It’s so easy to whip it out and delve into a book. So many wonderful books are available for such a small price, with great books now even absolutely free.
    Your kindle travel case is delightful. I did knit a pouch for my kindle once but I like my purse style better.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I enjoyed reading your book of short stories on my Kindle. You’ve inspired me to dig out the couple of short story drafts I have and tweak them etc. It’s wonderful that short stories have made a comeback.

      I hope your holiday was restful and fun. ❀

    1. I agree, Daniella. Audiobooks kept my kids and I sane on many commutes over the years. ❀ Perhaps I’ll make one out of my future book since I’m well-practiced at reading aloud from years of homeschooling.

  16. I have yet fallen for e-books (even though I’ve become a big fan of e-music) but my wife has. One of the reasons she loves her nook because she can download books from the library. She’s come to really like audiobooks too, which she can listen to while working.

    1. Bill, one of the fun things I like to do with the Kindle is to read back and forth between an educational book and a novel. It keeps me engaged in both. Your wife’s idea of listening to audio books while working is wonderful. I’d love that in my sewing room. ❀

  17. Wendy, Hi there!… I hope you are doing great!… Thanks for sharing your experiences regarding Kindle
    I truly liked the cards and pics… Particularly the third one. Happy autumn!, Aquileana 😀

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