~ ❀ Friends & Roses ❀ ~



I love spending time with a friend when there’s mutual

 acceptance, appreciation, and admiration present.   




The spider and the rose don’t have a lot in common, 

but I suspect that they’re mutually beneficial. 

The spider isn’t envious of the rose’s beauty;

 nor is the rose threatened by the spider’s cleverness.  




I love spending time with a friend who thinks the best of me

and wants the best for me.




I like honest friends. 

Friends that humbly warn me

 if they think I’m wandering off the path are treasures. 




 I appreciate friends that aren’t defensive

if I lovingly warn them about straying too. 




Is any pleasure on earth

as great as a circle of Christian friends by a good fire?  

~ C.S. Lewis




I’ve cheated when it comes to spending time with friends.

 I married my best friend.

What do you value most in a good friend?


 Friendship Blessings ❀ Wendy 




A friend loves at all times

 Proverbs 17:17 



83 thoughts on “~ ❀ Friends & Roses ❀ ~

  1. Wendy, these are gorgeous photos. I had to look back three times at the second photo to actually see the spider! What a great find! The beautiful words on friendship are so true, and enhance the portraits, too!

  2. Wendy, you words on friendship are so deeply meaningful. Put together with those marvellous images of roses it speaks in a way which is so profoundly beautiful. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Don. I appreciate your comment since I was hoping people weren’t tired of roses yet. It’s a short season in our garden for the old-fashioned roses. ❀

      1. Why thank you Wendy 🙂 Im working on writing a one page synopsis for Dark Fey this weekend so I can send off some Query letters to agents,….which is why I haven’t be ’round much 😉 So I do very much appreciate your blessing!! 😀

        1. These are exciting times for you. I’ve written my short synopsis—but I’m still tweaking my novel. It was wonderful to find lots of tips online for how to do a synopsis (otherwise I would have been overwhelmed). Blessings on your query journey, Morgan. ❀

          1. I agree, online resources are such a blessing! Best of Luck on YOUR journey as well. I wish you all the best of success 🙂

  3. Beautiful post, my friend. I like the CS Lewis quote. I also like this friend quote of his – “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… (photography:-) It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.””

    1. Thank you, Bill. I LOVE the quote you shared. It sure would be interesting to listen in on some of the conversations that JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis had together. ❀

  4. Wendy:

    I have sincerely enjoyed your series on Friendship. Your latest photo, the extreme close-up of the (full frame) pink rose, was absolutely superb!

    And as a Naturalist, I loved the clever spider within the rose petals. Nice place to spend your day.

    I, too, am married to my best friend. Thanks again for your delicious words. – Richard

    1. Thank you, Richard, for visiting my blog. I’m honored that you liked my pictures (your photography & poems are spectacular). Life is sweeter when you’re married to your best friend. ❀

  5. I enjoy your weekend serving of photos and thoughts, Wendy. I shared this particular post on my Facebook page so all my friends can know how special they are! Blessings to you my “blogging” friend! Laura

    1. Thank you so much, Laura. I sure enjoy seeing nature through your pictures, dear friend. Your quotes are always so inspirational too. Do you ever wonder what the flowers in heaven will look like? I suspect that the colors will be amazing. ❀

      1. You’re very welcome, Wendy. I have thought about the flowers we’ll see and my imagination cannot fathom the richness and beauty that we will be surrounded with there! And they won’t compare to the beauty we’ll see in Him! goosebumps…….:)

  6. So wonderful . ..I thought I even could smell them right through the screen. 🙂 And I love that you married your best friend .. what a beautiful thing! I love how friends share the little details of daily life with me . . . it blesses me so much and helps me feel connected. God bless you always!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I like what you said about loving to hear ‘the little details of daily life’. It’s amazing how comforting it is to find out we’re ‘not alone’ in our dreams and struggles. ❀

  7. Dear sister Wendy,
    As always, so beautiful. I just thingking if i could save on of these stunning photo and i will print it out,sis. I really love the white flowers 🙂 May you give me permission to print it. Thank you and blessings to you 🙂

          1. I don’t know if there is room for evil minions in my keyboard. Every time I look closely I find hundreds of miniature dust bunnies! I think they are feasting on the hundreds of toast crumbs!

          2. 🙂 You’ve made me chuckle. So off to bed I go to dream of crumb eating dust bunnies and chocolate craving evil minions (now you know why I’ll never be able to get rid of them). z z Z

  8. Wendy your flowers a beautiful and I love the spider hiding there. I think for me real friends don’t judge you, they take you how you are, no matter what in good times and bad.

    1. Thank you, Kath. I agree with what you said about friends who take you as you are. A friend that loves unconditionally is a friend to treasure forever. ❀

      1. Jacqui, I’m so grateful for mail, e-mail, and telephones for keeping in touch with special friends from former places I’ve lived. ❀ Distance and time are powerless against kindred spirits.

  9. Reblogged this on Walking With My Brother and commented:
    I am so humbled and cheered by Wendy’s wonderful work that marries, seemingly seamlessly, the beauty of her words and pictures. Today’s gift is about friendship, which pass along to all of my virtual friends. Thank you to Wendy and thank you to all of you for abiding with me in this space.

  10. Wonderful post, Wendy…I just had to reblog it. But wanted to say also that I, too, married my best friend. I wonder sometimes if our closeness, his and mine, makes it more challenging to form friendships with others. Blessings on your Sunday, Mary

    1. Thank you, Mary. I think that being married to a best friend makes one more selective of who you let into your inner circle. We are advised to choose our friends wisely. I think it’s a good thing. Thank you for the re-blog, dear friend. ❀

  11. Apple is Fruit, has seeds, can be spread by planting, so are the Fruit of the Spirit! I love the analogy!
    First, thanks for coming by my new blog and commenting. My prayer is always that as the Lord sees fit to use me as a vessel, others will hear or read His words and not mine that He may be glorified.
    I absolutely love this Photo “Sermon” on Friends and Roses! It is so unique, but so eye-catching and full of God’s beauty. If more could see what is around them as God’s continuing miracles, life on this temporary planet would be “nearly” heaven!! Thank you for using the Gifts the Lord has given you and sharing them with so many. Your blog is a true example of the diversity AND the necessity of the Body of Christ, using there gifts for the service (ministry) of the Lord as well as each of us.
    I will definitely be following your blog and probably your Facebook as soon as I “stroll” over there. I will be adding your link to my Link Page as I don’t use the WP widget as it constricts the number of links. I praise God for sites like yours that give inspiration and encouragement in such a unique way!
    I pray God’s richest and abundant blessings on you and yours as you continue to serve from your heart to all of us and your Lord! Again, God bless.

    1. Thank you, Pastor Roland, for visiting me back and for your appreciated words of encouragement. I have purposely tried to make my blog appeal to people on both sides of the fence of faith. Nothing would please me more than to have encouraged someone to enter through the narrow gate of Christ.

      Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I think, as writers, it’s handy to be married to our best friend since we tend to spend a lot of time alone. I suspect that your husband is very supportive of your writing too. ❀

  12. What a lovely tribute to friends. And I have to say the rose with the spider is my favorite! I don’t really like spiders but he’s so cute in this picture! I have to say I was thankful for a spider that found his way to the top of my tent at my art show. He got rid of all the bugs up there! He cleaned the place out! hehe. And when the show was over I gave him a little nudge and he fell off his web back into the grass.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I appreciate the spider’s role in the garden. How nice of that one to choose an out of the way spot to make its web. It’s not pleasurable walking through ones that they spin lower down. ❀

    1. Thank you, Angie, for your inspiring post that I read. There’s a bible proverb that says we are what we think. Your post reminds me to take more care to think positive. Hope is good. ❀

      1. Amen! And you are right. We need to avoid distorted thinking which can mislead our feelings and pull us away from love and all that is good. Yes, all is good, thanks, Wendy! How nice to connect 🙂 Happy Thursday and dare I say weekend already? Yes!

  13. Like Roses, friendship must be nurtured and cared for, thanks for this awesome post Wendy. You have a way of fusing words together to make it beautiful and timeless!
    Blessings and love to you! 🙂

  14. You are very good at this, Wendy! 🙂 Orange is so in, and you represented it perfectly!
    Nice to meet you! Green gives and gives, thank God! Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

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