Crystal Glass Leaves


Crystal Glass Leaves


Branches birth dewdrops

of crystal glass leaves

On barren barked limbs

of autumnal trees

Jewels of nature

all offered for free

To harvest for moments

in memory

Captivating my mind

so easily

And quenching my thirst

with nature’s beauty

So many gifts

are bestowed upon me

If I simply pause long enough

to see.


Natural Blessings ~ Wendy

Happy Thanksgiving Day to my American friends!

24 thoughts on “Crystal Glass Leaves

  1. “If I simply pause long enough…”. With a houseful of loving family members for Thanksgiving, I am getting to pause while I help A. settle down for a nap. There is always much for which to be thankful! I’m glad for these minutes of silence and solitude, as much as I love having everyone here!


      1. Thank you…it was a great day. Not everything went as planned, but everything ended up just fine! Now my feet are up, the kitchen is clean, the cat came out from under the bed, the kids are sleeping, all our company headed home, and if V. was healthy the night would be perfect! We have so much to be grateful for–every day!


    1. Thank you! Because we’re in Canada – we had ours in October. Which is great when you live up north, since we get pretty cold here, in November, in most places. I live on the west coast – so it’s usually mild. I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!
      Blessings ~ Wendy


      1. We’ve had such lovely frost some mornings – but not every morning is beautiful, so when it is, we take advantage! It teaches us to wait, and to sezie the opportunity that we get. Photography is perhaps a ‘Christian’ pursuit?? 🙂


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