A Garden Theatre

On garden’s stage

Autumn gives

the final curtain call

A kaleidoscope of colors

Festival of fall

Drapes are drawn shut

Winter arrives

Backstage casting begins

Audience impatient…


Opening night is here!

Spring –

has arrived!

The musical has begun

Curtains are set aside

Rave reviews are written

Summer saunters in full bloom

Swaggering onto the stage


to its impending doom!


Blessings ~ Wendy

May we cherish one another everyday and in every season!

20 thoughts on “A Garden Theatre

  1. I love how you respond to nature, and how you are able to connect it back to our relationships with God and each other. And of course, I love the vibrant colors. Our palm trees are still getting 85 degree sunshine, so it’s a welcome escape to enjoy pictures of a real “fall”!


    1. I’m feeling chilly today – maybe we should trade for a bit? 😉 I’ll be fine – I’m going to grab a sweater and Ian’s making me a hot decaff chocolate coffee! His will be with caffeine. I’m hyper on my own…

      Blessings ~ Wendy

      Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. Your photos tell a story all on their own . .and then the poem with them? Like icing on the cake!!! I really enjoyed thinking about it being a performance! God bless you as you see and write!


I enjoy a word in season, so I'd love it if you added an apple to the bowl.

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